7 common issues with the OnePlus One and how to fix them

by: A.Rahul SharmaOctober 10, 2014

With prices that start as low as $300, and specs that place it snugly among other high-end and for more expensive Android flagships, the OnePlus One has caught the eye of many smartphone enthusiasts recently. This 5.5-inch device boasts a great deal of power at a budget-friendly price point, and despite the issues with how difficult it is to get your hands on one, consumer interest remains strong. Of course, issues crop up even with devices that cost more than twice as much, and is also true in the case of the OnePlus One. Today, we’ll be rounding up some of the more common issues with the OnePlus One, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!

Disclaimer: The One plus One is a fantastic phone, and just because some people have experienced the problems listed below doesn’t mean that you will. 

Problem #1 – The battery doesn’t last as long as expected

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Some customers have expressed disappointment in the battery life afforded by the OnePlus One, despite its large 3,100 mAh battery.

Potential Solutions:

  • Reduce the drain that your screen puts on your battery by limiting your backlight. Drop the screen sleep time to around thirty-seconds by going to Settings – Display and Lights – Sleep.
  • The new CyanogenMod OS for the OnePlus One allows you to build different profile presets that can be applied from your power menu. Create one that automatically disables Bluetooth, data sync, Wi-Fi, and other battery-hogging apps when the battery is low.
  • Check which apps are using the most power by going to Settings – Battery, then ‘force stop’ the ones that are draining your battery life the most.
  • Enable power saver mode on your phone by going to Settings – Performance – Profile.

Problem #2 – Random reboots

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Some people have found their device occasionally shutting off automatically and rebooting, without an obvious reason.

Potential Solutions:

  • Turn your Wi-Fi off and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes this only happens when the Wi-Fi is on, however living without your Wi-Fi forever is not a realistic solution, so you may need a replacement.
  • Try switching out the theme that you are currently using.
  • Try uninstalling applications one by one to see if corrupted data provided by one of them is causing the issue.
  • Attempt a factory reset and then reinstall your applications selectively. You can find the instructions on how to do so below.

Problem #3 – Charger overheats

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A few users have reported that their OnePlus One charger gets extremely hot to the touch soon after they have begun charging, or that their phone heats up as a result of charging.

Potential Solutions:

  • The lower the percentage your charge is at, the hotter your charger will become, so try to charge your phone before it gets below 40%.
  • Make sure that the ends of the USB are connected properly, and make sure that everything connected is flush to the plugs. The connector should not be loose.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct charging cable that you were sent with your device, as other cables may not work as well.
  • Try using a different wall socket to see whether the problem persists, or plug your phone into the USB of your computer to see if this helps. 

Problem #4 – Yellow tint on phone display

oneplus one aa (24 of 34)

Various OnePlus One users have discovered an issue with a yellow tint appearing towards the bottom of their screen like a gradient. Some people have commented that this was an early problem with the phone that is being fixed as new handsets are being sent out, whereas others are still suffering from the problem even after receiving newer devices.

Potential Solutions:

  • If you have the latest Cyanogen update, you should be able to fiddle with the hues on your phone screen to try and get rid of the yellow tint by going to Settings – Display – Screen color – Custom – Hue and then trying different shades.
  • Some people have suggested that the yellow tint can fade over time, especially if you expose the phone to UV light. Although this is not a proven method, you can try doing it, but we would recommend not exposing the phone to a lot of heat in the process.
  • You may have to simply return your phone and ask for a replacement. If this is a manufacturing defect, returning your handset shouldn’t be an issue, although some customers have reported that the company is not accepting returns for screens with a yellow tint.

Problem #5 – Poor or slow charging

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Along with the overheating issue of the charger, some users have reported that their chargers are not working at all, or providing a very slow charge.

Potential Solutions:

  • If you’re sure that you’ve been using the cable that came with your OnePlus One, try using a different charger and cable that fits the device to make sure the charger is not the issue.
  • Plug your phone into your computer USB and see whether the PC recognizes it, and whether it is charging this way faster.
  • Hold the volume down and power button to see whether you can boot your phone into recovery mode, and then attempt charging again.
  • If you continue to have issues with charging your phone and it is not the charger’s fault, then there may be an issue with your device’s battery, which means that you will have to return your handset for a replacement.

Problem #6 – Various touch screen problems

oneplus one aa (31 of 34)

Users have reported a number of problems with the touch screen for the OnePlus One, including issues where the screen does not register touches, will not recognize double tapping, or registers touches that haven’t been made.

Potential Solutions:

  • Turn the phone off and on again. A soft reboot will usually solve the issue temporarily.
  • Some people have discovered that the problem goes away when they change the theme that they are currently using, so you could try this.
  • Go into your display settings and turn off the adaptive backlight. Many people have found that this fix works well for them.
  • OnePlus has acknowledged these issues, and the latest update does address a lot of these problems with multi-touch and general touchscreen responsiveness. Make sure that your device is updated to the latest version of the OS.

Problem #7 – Trouble with getting GPS locks

oneplus one aa (28 of 34)

Some OnePlus One owners have commented that they struggle to get a lock when they’re using their GPS navigation, regardless of using different applications, in different places, or at different times.

Potential Solutions:

  • Restart the device for a temporary fix.
  • Make sure that you have allowed Google apps to have access to your location in the settings, and that your phone is not blocking any of the location services.
  • Make sure that you are connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi system.
  • When you start using a navigation software, go to the settings and switch the GPS signal off, wait for a second, then turn it back on again. This should reboot your signal and give you a good connection, as long as you do not run another app alongside it.
  • Try downloading the Faster GPS application from the Google Play Store.

So there you have some of the most common complaints regarding the OnePlus One! We will continue to keep this list updated in the event that more problems emerge, and if you’ve struggled with any of these issues, let us knowif our solutions have worked out for you. Apart from software issues, the best way to keep your device safe is by using a protective case and cover. Don’t forget to checkout our roundup of some of the best cases for the OnePlus One here.

Talk about your OnePlus One issues in our OnePlus smartphone forums

Here are the guidelines on how to perform a soft reset and a hard reset on the OnePlus One.

Soft Reset

  • If your display is off, turn it back on using the power key.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ application
  • Scroll down until you find ‘Backup & Reset’
  • Tap on ‘Factory data reset’
  • Select ‘Reset phone’
  • Tap on the box ‘Erase everything’
  • The device should automatically reboot

Hard Reset

  • Turn your phone off by pressing down the power key for five seconds
  • Turn the phone back on while keeping the ‘volume down’ button pressed in
  • When the phone vibrates, release the ‘volume down’ button
  • Your phone should enter a mode called ‘Simple Recovery’
  • Choose the option that reads ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ using the power button
  • You should get a message that says ‘Cache wipe complete’
  • Continue to choose the option ‘Wipe Data/ Factory reset’
  • The phone should automatically reboot.
  • limbopope

    You forgot about random reboots. A growing problem that is likely related to a hardware defect. Check out jira over at cyanogenmod and see how its plaguing some. No solution only a very difficult RMA process with the not so great OPO customer service


    • MasterMuffin

      #2 …

      • limbopope

        heheh I scrolled too fast ^^

    • FreddyCrueger

      I got that annoying Random Reboots and feeling myself so upset, because everything else work great and I love this phone.

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  • MasterMuffin

    The biggest problem is the invite system :D

    “knowif” :)

    • Drew Duncan

      30,000 up for grabs on Oneplus.

    • dodz

      U can buy plutonium and various rare metals in the black market but not a one plus one lol

      • you actually can, you just don’t look hard enough.

      • David Jeffrey Barnum

        You can buy one…but without an invite, only on Tuesdays. Really.

    • Richard Allison

      Man they been handing out invites left and right u ain’t tried hard enough they have sent me15 to 20 invites I have passed out and NO I DONT HAVE ANY if u email me asking I’ll spam your email they phone is a piece of shit

      • MasterMuffin

        I’ll ignore the fact that I couldn’t possibly spam your email since I don’t have it and I’ll just say that you’re right, getting an invite has become really easy.

        • Richard Allison

          U wouldn’t belive how many people have sent me there emails asking for invites anytime u comment that u have the phone or had the phone

      • VinDer

        They do send out invites left and right but they don’t ship to each and every country. I live in the UAE but from India. I have an invite but they don’t ship to either India or UAE. :(

        • Richard Allison

          That’s a personal problem

          • Filip Vlcek

            That is not a personal problem, if there are more people around the world that have the same problem, wich I am sure there are lol.

          • J Aquino

            That’s an over 1 billion people problem

        • ninersvk

          They also didnt ship to slovakia. I let them send it to germany to virtual post box and then resend to my country. Try mailboxde.cz

          • Somebody

            How do you return the phone when its damaged or something? :)

        • Send to a friend then have the friend send to you.

        • faloc

          go on ebay to buy an invite, that’s how I got my Oneplus One, by spending and extra £5 for invite….why not

    • Martin Yates

      You can easily get one without an invite.

      Oppomart is now selling the full Cyanogenmod version for about the same price as buying from Oneplus directly, no invitation required. That’s how I got mine. The only downside is you have to check it supports your network’s LTE bands, because it’s the Chinese version of the phone, but if it does, you’re good to go.

    • kazziz

      not any more :) now there are plenty of invites on forum

    • Luca Bersano

      I just got two invitations and I do not know if I am gonna buy it. :-)

      • MasterMuffin

        Wait for 1+2! I like their naming, you can make the name so short :) Waiting for 1+(x^2-4)^666

        • Luca Bersano

          I think I am gonna sell one invitation, even if I am not sure if it’s legal. :-(

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            We care because?

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            What you said is immoral and badly written and if you say I am ignorant you insult me. These are my terms of service, I flagged you because your freedom of pulling my leg crashes against my desire to feel comfortable in this space. I am not looking forward to hear something good from you

    • Now its gone ^^

  • Hugo Oliveira

    Problem #6 – Various touch screen problems
    Already fixed in 38R.

    • Meep

      Problem #4 — 38R removes the option to change screen colors.

  • Nika Nikoloza

    idont have no 1 problem whitch you tell this is not true :/

    • Henrik

      seriously? You dont EXPERIENCE problems but that doesn’t make it less true. All devices has problems and these are ALL BASED ON FACTS.

  • Michael Johnson

    I must be lucky as I’ve not had a problem with any of these.

    • Shaheryar

      Yes u r lucky in this manner. How old is ur 1+1 ?

    • Jen

      I haven’t either. I’ve had my phone since July.

      • BronzeLincolns


        no problemo

      • Amar coolguy

        Did you get it as an early supporter? I got mine on the 17th of july, Never had a single problem, love this thing

    • Brent

      I had some rebooting problems and some lines appearing on the screen but I used my head and did a factory restore. It’s been perfect ever since. I just like downloading lots of non app store apks and i’m sure I just downloaded one that didn’t play well with CM11. But as long as you don’t do stupid things its an amazing phone.

  • Iliyan Conev

    I have the device since 3 months and never experience any of does problems. From time to time the rocket player turns on on its own, but thtbis from the application. Battery wise when you using 3G instead of 4G battery last tao days. Bluetooth sometimes I not registering with the car stereo but android have this problem since long time.

  • Paul Lemelin

    My compass is off by 20 or so degrees with no way to calibrate

  • z

    My One+one don’t have random reboots

    • DeAd SouL

      soon it will

  • 213Edu

    Not sure if its the charger or the phone, this phone charges real fast

  • Alexander

    My biggest problem with OPO is loosing the network regularay… this is just mad

    • Arndan

      Yeah i have experienced that problem

    • Peter W

      I have same issue, I even think of getting rid of it for this reason. Though with 38R it seams it might have got a bit better, still call quality sucks

  • Sergio

    Must say it is a very good phone, except I have a Yellow tint issu altough it doesnt bother me so much.

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    the only issue i am having with this phone is , i am having this so i would like to have this 7th giveaway for me

  • 1+ Problem

    My OnePlus One was made in September, 2014 and it has a big yellow screen at the bottom half of the screen. Contacted the support, 1st email says it’s normal, I replied back asking for replacement since I contacted them within the 14-days no question asked period and they have been AWOL at this point. If I still don’t hear back from them in a couple days, might as well file a dispute with the PayPal.

  • Larry Garcia

    I have had NONE of these issue… The ONLY think that happens to mine on occasion is that the RINGER will switch to the headset speaker rather than the back speaker which makes it very difficult to hear. All that needs to be done is a soft boot to fix the solution.

  • EastOakland510

    I love this phone and I don’t have any of theses problems

  • Kevin

    This is so ambiguous. Every single problem you listed is chronic and yet as of now, no solid fix for them. You even confirmed that in your post.

  • Richard Allison

    They forgot to tell u it about it loosing it’s connection any time u open an app mine used to drop from hspa+ down to edge constantly and the battery sucked the best thing I did was selling that piece of shit

  • Chiku_v6s

    I have Bluetooth problem which I cannot turnoff Bluetooth for more that 1 second…
    Anybody has the same issue with me??

  • Krisna Gokoel

    Don’t think the new batch suffer from these issues. I ordered 2 around August 27 – 29 and neither has any issues. However, it’s nice to know that there are some fixes.

  • Nick Conley

    I have the OnePlus One and have none of these problems.

  • marcorezza

    none of these problem for me, on my 40 days old one plus. they probably fixed major issues in last production lots

  • Paul

    No issues here. Begging for invites too is just lazy . It was easy getting a opo.

  • Dusty Westafer

    Guess I got lucky. I don’t have any of these issues besides the screen being a little yellowish, but it’s not noticeable to me on 95% of screens. Charger/phone can get a little warm, but never felt it was unreasonably so. *shrug* Different batches, different issues, it sounds like.

  • Peter W

    the biggest problem with the device is signal quality

    • keerthi

      same with me

    • Arndan


    • Nomad

      I had signal probs (weak) After update 38R zero problems.

      • Peter W

        I still have a major issue with call quality, though it seams the phone is in range more often now (bofore 30% of the time it was out of range for no reason)

    • Jarod Yakaitis

      I just got mine last Friday and a having ridiculous issues. The cell signal is absolute crap. I’ve spent hours on the phone and online with AT&T. I’m manually changed Mobile Network types, APN settings, etc. Nothing really helps. Call drops, data streaming buffers horrible. Then, Google Wallet forget it, fails. Pinch and zoom is odd, swiping sometimes lags. I guess i’m spoiled coming from an iPhone where shit just works. I really wanted to like this device.

      • Chalito88

        People have been having the issue a lot in the past 10 or so days. It’s call drop from AT&T when the phone tries to hand the call from LTE to 3g/HSPA+. AT&T says the issue will be resolved on 11/7, but who really knows. Check the XDA forums for the OPO and there is a good thread on it. Some options for a work around for the time being.

      • joakin2k

        Lol, me too, I miss my iPhone’s stability, the one is like my wife in her period… Unstable like Mexico’s economy !!!
        Note: I’m Mexican

  • Mohammad Aarif Athar

    I did not face a single problem till now.

  • Ken S

    All these bugs are fixed with the 38R update that is rolling out at this very moment.

    • Peter W

      not really with my experince, call quality still sucks a lot

  • opo

    What l need to do if my contacs are deleting?

  • Mohammad Aarif Athar

    I didn’t see a single problem till now

  • Happy owner

    No problems here. Great phone so far. :)

  • mozn

    No Problem at all with my OPO.
    Stock (r38), ART, franco.Kernel

  • 4 oneplus owner

    dont have a single problem… and u can go to the forums and see most of us dont have as well

  • pIXo

    got OnePlus One but not a one issue ;)

  • Ken Brown

    I’ve had mine since early July and I’ve not had any of these issues.

  • Slox

    we buyed two phones. manufacture date: 17.09.2014 and both have the yellow band on the bottom. so i wrote to the support and they said me that i can it ship back within 2 Weeks.
    I did not get any exchange of the device, so i sold my oneplus one because if i ship it within 2 weeks back i have to take the shipping costs which would be in sum ~ 50€

    i think its a good phone but if you get a phone with this problem it sucks really hard. don’t ship the phone back if you don’t get an exchange from the support, sell the phone for the price you have payed (ofc you have to notice that minimal yellow band at the bottom)

  • Bungle

    I had touch screen issues where nothing would register. Soft/hard reboots didn’t fix anything, i just had to wait until the handset decided it would start accepting my presses. It was working fine, receiving calls, playing music etc, but the screen would just randomly stop responding to touch. Sent it back and my replacement is on the way.


  • Avineet Sharma

    I own this phone for almost 4 months now and none of the issue mentioned above is true for my phone.
    Believe me its awesome.

  • Clerigo

    OnePlus One = POTY
    (Phone Of The Year)

  • Flagship killer

    0 problems matched :-P
    Nice phone

  • infinnitus

    Happy to state I haven’t faced any of the problems above. However, it acts a little corky on my home wifi, where a toggle wifi on/off is sometimes required to hook it back on. Haven’t yet received the 38R, so, maybe there is gold in that.

    Otherwise: a brilliantly designed device, especially when it comes to holding/handling it + the beauty of it. Also love the CM!

  • Petko Petkov

    I have the OnePlus One and I don’t any of these problems. I had a problem with my GPS but when the phone update itself it was fixed.

  • Kari

    Nice tips but I havent got any of these issues

  • K.J. Pierson

    I’ve not ran into any of these so far. Then again I don’t use the charger but just usb charge from PCs/Macs

  • Albert Lai

    There is really NO problems with this phone, none like in this article. This article exists because the competition paid for it. Well, there’s marketing by OPO, and there’s anti-marketing by “others”

    • Henrik

      No problems? mine has worthless touch sensitivity, marginaly improved by latest update. Also, the radio is POS compared to other leading phones. Mainly it has bad reception but also the lacking LTE freq for the international model is bad. Also, the performance is lacking and it only beats competition on paper – acctualy user experience is else.

      Your phone might be “perfect” but then thats more or less anectodal and all proof points in another direction. This phone has same or more problems then other leading phones.

  • Linh

    You get what you pay. Enuf said.

  • stuart

    Buy my (Chinese) OnePlus One $360: swappa.com/listing/JKX207

  • Malcolm McCurry

    If anyone is having the slow charging issue, check your cable. I had a bunch of cables that I used with other phones, but could barely charge my OPO. Search the OnePlus forums for charging cable alternative and you’ll find some great cables. A lot are a smaller guage that doesn’t allow as much power to go through. I bought one from FRiEQ that charges the phone as fast as the stock cable.

  • EngineerGunter

    Recently, I’ve been interrupted with what I’m doing with little pop-up messages that different Google apps have stopped (play services and location). Reboot won’t even fix this, but almost guarantees that I’ll see them several times as the phone completes the boot-up process. Any ideas on what’s up? The problem just started one day… I can’t say for sure that I downloaded an app that is now causing it, but I certainly haven’t made any drastic changes to themes or anything system-wise. Thanks!

  • Denver Dash Cam

    The only issue I have is random reboots. I’m pretty sure it has to do with a corrupted app but I’m too lazy to try to figure out which one..

  • anonymous

    The biggest problem is THE NETWORK COVERAGE… Im From MALAYSIA… Ard use 4G sim… But not get the 4G network..

  • Steve A.

    The biggest problem is that it’s a buggy android. Get an iphone.

  • mrshoot

    So far none of the above was a trouble for my one plus one. Maybe it’s an upgrade of the cyanogen release that prevented all these troubles.

  • Daniel b

    I haven’t had any problems with mine. I love it. Invite system not really that bad, just got to try a little harder to get it, but for the money it’s well worth it. The Oct update on the phone made it faster and extended battery life even more. Still has my vote of the best smartphone of 2014!

    • Dificildeconvencer

      inivite is easy if you buy one on eEbay. I got one for $9.00

  • Alex from Italy

    got 1 invite to give away.

  • TheOneWithTheProblems

    I have a problem launching the camera app. It says that I have to restart my device and then the problem will be fixed. But it’s not fixed, because after a day or two I get the same problem again! All help will be appreciated!

  • Ger

    Stil don’t get people….issuess? I haven’t had any that really bug me. Resetting phone wow….interesting. Never done it with me.
    I general I did have random reboots with my S3 back in the day.

  • Steven Pilipow

    So has anyone had problems with the screen messing up. Like once in a while my phone will have random bands blink on it. They always go away, but it weird.

  • Aseer Ishmam Awsaf

    I use a Walton Primo X2 Mini and I’ve faced most of these problems with my phone. I’ve figured these out-

    Problem 2: I’ve had this happen to me a couple of time. Boosting the RAM and clearing the cache from time to time helps.

    Problem 3: I agree with the provided solution. The charger heats up more when the battery is at lower levels.

    Problem 4: I’ve noticed yellow tints appear at the top left corner and at the very bottom of the screen. They’re only noticeable when the screen is completely white. Kinda looks like slightly burnt paper.

    Problem 5: The screen of my phone is over responsive. If there’s dirt on the screen, it sometimes causes problems. Wiping the screen clean helps. I’ve noticed this to happen most of the times after taking the phone out of my pocket or when sweat gets on to the screen.

    Problem 7: Ihave issues with my GPS too but that’s a common problem with MediaTek SOC’s. Don’t know about the 1+1

  • yu suck

    Thats what you get for being first

  • Frankly speaking.. I’m using this phone for almost 3 months now and out of those 7 listed problems my phone only has yellow tint at bottom screen which is so little that I never notice it and another was touch screen problem which is resolved with latest software update 38R

  • Never had any of theses problems… Funny how some people try hard to find problems where there are none!

  • 59fps

    Now that it’s been mentioned i’ve noticed the slight yellow tint. which is annoying, but the thing i’ve noticed most are framerate dips, een without many applications installed. When playing any type of game even that isn’t graphically intense eg. super hexagon, sonic 2, emulated ps1 games, there is noticeable and consistent stuttering, which I don’t have on the moto G, and don’t think i had much on the Galaxy S2 either. It’s like it’ll skip a few frames, with a framerate dip. I don’t understand why this happens given how powerful the device is

  • Dainys

    These problems are minor. Real problems are reception and call quality problems. This phone is incredible as long as you never want to make a call or receive any data. I have this phone and it is useless as a phone. Cell signal reception is very poor and inconsistent even in very good coverage area. Other phone’s cell reception in the same places are strong and stable. A lot of missed calls. And even if you managed to make a call sound is not clear on the other side of the call, people can’t understand you. Just look at the most popular issues of this phone here: https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/BACON#selectedTab=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.project%3Apopularissues-panel
    People complaining from all over the world but OnePlus don’t care about it. Support is non existent. I have tried a lot of phones but this is definitely the worst phone I have ever have. Never again.


      You have a broken phone. Mine does not have this issue at all.

      • Henrik

        Mine has POS reception compared to other phones but where connection IS stable and good data speeds is still lower then competition.

    • Dificildeconvencer

      It is true that the call quality is not as expected, but over all this phone is worth its price and even more

  • eClipse

    I am increasingly happy that the invite system pushed towards buying a Nexus 5. After holding off
    several months on a much-needed new device hoping for an invite, I had to move on.
    I haven’t had a single issue worth mentioning with my Nexus, but I see a stream of issues with the

    Of course one month after getting my N5, the 1+1 invite showed up.

    That just hacked me off even more. No one wanted it so it dies on the vine, and as far as I’m concerned they
    did me a favor.

    Clearly they are having quality and capacity issues or they would have simply made them available for
    general sale without all this invite nonsense. “Buzz” is one thing, but any company intending to
    actually SELL THINGS at some point has to let people BUY THEM, and when they don’t, that
    raises a flag.

    • I don’t know how you couldn’t get an invite. I learned about the phone on Wednesday. Did a few searches on Twitter and Google+ and found people just floating invites out to the first taker. Took about an hour, but I got an invite and ordered.

    • Dificildeconvencer

      Just buy an invite at Ebay

  • 1+1=too many issues

    My phone has the yellow stain as well not very noticeable unless you have a white background, and i can’t seem to get rid of it.
    I have also noticed that the phone would go randomly in the home screen, when using the keyboard with any apps including when texting.
    Oh and not to mention slow reboots, and the antenna would turn off every once in awhile.
    If anyone can help me with these problems, that would be great, factory reset is not an option though.


      Randomly going to the home screen wile typing…. Yeah mine does that too. Because I hit the home button when attempting to hit the space bar. Did you ever think of that? The is called a user error.

      • 1+1=too many issues

        No unfortunately that’s not the case with my device, I tested it while keeping it in a flat surface and carefully using only 1 finger to type, but it still went to the home screen. Maybe it’s a calibration issue, software wise I hope.
        When did you receive the phone? And does it have a yellowish stain near the bottom area?

  • reyscott1968

    i dnt know how was this found.. i only have the yellow tint.. and thats the only problem i have on my phone..

  • Magnetic1

    Could this be that zero day flaw? Already built-in to the software. You just have to not be near an intelligence agency employee’s residence as they can use their work resources at home.

  • Magnetic1

    If the problem can be tied to software then watch out for the big brother. The question is what did you do to piss off the intelligence agency guy? Well it is hard to know exactly, but it may help to find out who these people are. Most intelligence agency employees are white and have certain religion. So did you say anything derogrotory about white people or people of religion on your phone lately? I’m just saying, you never know these things because who knows who else is listening.

  • Dificildeconvencer

    Any of you having problems about recognizing Printer in the same WiFi ???
    . My O+1 does not get one of my printers.

  • Kalle Blom

    The update 38R solves only a view of the probs.
    A lot of customers have problems now with notification sounds turned off and a led light which does´n function any more. Vibration is set off, I have these issues too.
    And also mail push (exchange) doesn´t works correctly.
    Cyanogen Mod is not able to solve that. It is the second update with the same probs (you can read oneplus jira) and nothing happens to errors in basic functions. My son has a phone Ascend P1 which costs 110€ this phone is smaller, slower and so on. But he can speak clearly to other people, automatic get mails with push from exchange, he has no touch problems, and his LED light and vibration works perfectly and he had no update till now.

    Now it´s your turn, is this phone really worth 300€ or should s.o. buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 for about 280€. No phone is perfect but it should be usable…I think I will sell my opo very fast and buy me the S4…

  • Aaron Weyhrich

    Besides discovering that I need to use the OEM charger and cable exclusively, I haven’t experienced any of these problems and I have had my OnePlus One for almost 3 months now.
    IF ANYONE WANTS ONE SO BAD, get it on SWAPPA.COM or AMAZON.COM or EBAY.COM – it’s not much more expensive.
    It’s really not tooo hard to get an invite when you actually begin to talk to people and not just beg them.

  • Sean

    I had the multi-touch problem on mine, but as soon as I changed it to the ART runtime, everything was fixed.

  • Bravedadoftwins

    Only issue I have is the GPS signal loosing signal when navigating. I’ve had better luck making sure my car is at a complete stop when starting navigation. Does not always work, but it never locks when on the go.

  • wasi

    I don’t see any of this issues. My battery lasts over 18 hrs. No yollow, not a single reboot, perfect gps. What are you talking about!!!

  • sonny017

    My battery is life is awesome!!!! Way better than my Nexus 5 was. Probably get almost double the use on a charge

  • Michael Johnson

    Dammit, why doesn’t my OPO have any of these peoblems?

  • ProfChoda

    I’ve had the oneplus one for 2 months and haven’t had a single problem. I’ve owned the galaxy 1, 2, 3, and 4 and can’t say the same with those phones.

  • malco

    Don’t have any of these problems with my 1+, the problem I have is that its gone into boot reload.

  • Dave H

    I bought an invite on eBay for £5 and had my phone within a week.

  • jesus

    wonderful phone…. I grant…

  • 8thHenry

    I just have the GPS problem otherwise it’s a great phone.

  • Michael Johnson

    Android Authority, have you got nothing better to do than repost this over and over on Facebook. Again, I have had no problems with my OnePlus One.

  • Richard Kacerek

    After having this phone for several months I just cannot recommend it to friends. The amount of bugs and issues is just too large and hampering the Android experience altogether. I am not completely unhappy with it but sometimes the phone drives me crazy. Random reboots, screen freezes etc. But biggest issue is when locking/unlocking the phone randomly flash is turned on and now it started randomly launching music.

  • John Williams

    I’ve never experienced any of these problems, except the yellow tint at the bottom of a white screen, I had that, but it was extremely faint. I tried the sunlight treatment for a couple of hours, not sure if that helped or not, but that was early May, it’s long gone now.
    I get two days out of the battery, and I’m still in the 30%-40% region, no hardware, or software problems. The phone is slick, and very fast.
    I spend time on the OpO forums, and there are a few people who have got problem devices, and issues with support.
    The vast majority of the posters love the phone, and the ease with which it can be customised. OpO is one of the few manufacturers that doesn’t void your warranty if you root your phone, and install a custom rom.
    Even after 6 months, I still get a thrill out of this phone

  • Gus Silva

    I’ve had this phone for a while now and thankfully haven’t really experienced these problems. Running experimental Lollipop CM12 builds and still get nearly 2 days I can’t say enough about this phone I love it and just wish more peiopel could get it.

  • RH

    Interesting… Maybe they should have bought a mate2 with its specs being “cheap”…. It’s clear, bright, fast & stable. Won’t win any benchmark programs, but it will last 2 days EASY on one charge.

  • rosprite1 .

    My biggest issue with One+ is the music player starts randomly

  • Juan Carlos Font Palma

    Don’t have any of those problems in my phone. Battery last me all day. Charge fast. And I’m happy so far.

  • I have an invitation. Now I’m not sure if buying because, even when I’m not in a country they ship to, I’m worried what if someday I have an accident and break the display. It happened once with a Samsung Galaxy S2 I still have but as it was a popular device, it was easy to get it repaired. But OnePlus One? Where I am going to get a display? That would cost me more than half the phone bringing it from China :s What do you think about this problem?

  • Samuel Anstee
  • Stefing

    I’ve had my OnePlus One since the summer and haven’t experienced any of those problems – the battery charges incredibly fast and lasts for days.

  • faloc

    Another way to fix the battery problem, switch your Runtime from Dalvik to ART in the Developer options! It also makes it faster. Also change performance settings: CPU Governor to Interactive and processor speed from 300mhz min to 1.2Ghz max, it will save you some power!

  • Roland

    The funny thing is, everyone hates using the Color OS that comes with the Chinese version and loves the Cyanogenmod. But the Chinese have none of the problem above and the battery lasts for 1 day and a half.

  • Mukesh

    The biggest problem yellow tint on display

  • sachii

    Mobile is getting over heated when i am operating

  • Viktor Kokhan

    I already bought today from OPO web.

  • Martina

    Here are my five biggest problems:
    – WiFi is not working (it does not connect. didn’t improve even after the last update),
    – the screen is not working properly (it is not reacting or sometimes reacts without any touch)
    – I have to push the power button more times to wake up the phone (it’s not working on the first or second push)
    – the battery lasts much shorter than at the beginning
    – and I have found out that the back of the phone is absolutely different than for example my sister’s (they have used different material)
    I trusted Oneplus, but I’m really disappointed. Is anyone facing these problems too? Any solutions??

  • Sami Mohammed Manzur

    My ringtone doesn’t work even in ring mode. Custom or phone ringtone

  • Varun

    I have encountered NONE of these problems.specially the battery is awesome!!!

  • Brady Schwartz

    I bought my OnePlus One in November and have not had a single problem listed here with my phone. In fact my battery last longer than any phone I’ve ever owned. At least 6 hours of screen on time. Oh and people, stop complaining about the invite system. If you really want a OPO you know how easy it is to get an invite.

  • Beatrice

    My phone always shuts off below 50%. Why is that? Is anyone having the same problem? Then I would have to recharge the phone in order to turn it back on.

  • Manish Thakur

    I have come through a problem, whenever I switch my location on it costs me some money even when I am on WiFi.

  • Bhausaheb Gatkul

    Charger and phone heats up slightly during charging and rest all are not a valid problems , Phone is Excellent !!

    • David Jeffrey Barnum

      I haven’t ever used the charger that was included. Everything is being charged via USB these days and I’ve been using those USB/electrical outlet adapters. Nothing has overheated yet, so is there a valid reason to use the included cable and/or adapter?

  • Akarsh Adithya

    The yellow hue issue can be fixed by simply turning off the sunlight enhancement option in display settings.

    It will fix it.

  • Marco

    Most of this problem dont’exist anymore on new OPOs

  • Marco

    “these problems”

  • Ab225

    Call logs are not saved can’t see missed calls either

  • Anuj Jain

    I am facing a sound issue with my OnePlus One mobile: I set mobile sound to maximum but it automatically gets setup to lower volume which I find only on receiving a call the next time when it rings slower. Please guide if you have any solution for this issue.

  • alex pieri

    the worst problem is the antenna too small that cause a very weak wifi signal. it’s a very bad device, think twice before you buy!

  • Who still wants to buy this phone after reading this article??

    • David Jeffrey Barnum

      Admittedly, I bought this phone before reading the article but I haven’t had a problem with it yet. Hope I’m not jinx-ing it now…

      • Keep us updated?

        • David Jeffrey Barnum

          Still not a single random reboot. I switched from an iPhone to this so the iMessage to SMS transition has been a headache. Only because people try to send to my iMessage account and I don’t receive those texts. That’s rather annoying.

          As for invites…
          …I got two. And ^here^ they are.

        • David Jeffrey Barnum

          It is a little annoying how the phone can charge at 99% for hours…pretty much an entire day sometimes. At other times (like this morning) it’s only at 99% for a few minutes. Minor quibble about the phone…not much else to complain about…

          Under a heavy load (lots of emails, SMS messaging, where the screen is displaying something, etc.) the phone battery does drain faster. But this is pretty intuitive and should be expected.

          Screen is still great, although I’ve gotten used to it and now I don’t rave about it as much.

    • David Jeffrey Barnum


      Get the OnePlus One
      64GB Sandstone Black or 16GB Silk White
      Every Tuesday. 24 hours. No invite needed.

      Pretty baffling.

  • Deepa Tarak

    Biggest problem is mostly the phone as a phone doesn’t work i.e voice calling distortion. Lot of threads on it but a final confirmed fix needed

  • tushar

    why this china phone, other phones are available which are well built MOTO or Samsung. keeping cost down beefing up specs does not mean flagship killer.

  • Santosh Km

    Cm12s removed many of the problem in phone usage. Now I feel more comfortable using it

  • Miguel Costa

    Main problem is battery and phone overheating making for network to not work

  • Vincent

    Hi, i have bought a Oneplus One, i’ve been using it for more than 4 months. Out of sudden the system keep on crashing n finally the speaker no sound.. like totally no sound. but once i root my phone n flash a different os. the speaker problem still the same.

    Any Idea?Thanks. :)

  • Sabina S

    Headphone compatibility too, still to this date couldn’t find a decent affordable pair with full compatibility (volume/play/mic). The Silver Bullet sucks and the other new one being untested is not worth the price tag for me. Any suggestions?!

  • Gertjan Fietsbel

    Thnx a lot – my OnePlus 1 didn’t do anything anymore (not even a led sign while charging). I tried several times [volume up] + [power] buttons or only the [power] button: nothing worked… But when I tried this: [volume down] + [power] it turned on and i got the menu as above. And after cleaning and emptying the cache it turned on in the the state as before. Thanks!

  • Sandy Ibnu

    my biggest problem is the GPS cant be lock.. when im using Google Map cant lock the GPS
    need someone to help me.. i dont really understand about phone.. i think the GPS start not working when i update to marshmallow OS
    anyone can help me.. but teach me the simple way… because im not a advance gadget guy.. thanks BTW

  • Hel Thanatos