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The OnePlus One may be one of the hardest phones that money can buy but that’s not the same for the cases, money is accepted. We’ve put together  a list of 8 of the top cases on the market today for the OnePlus One. There are two official cases made by OnePlus One, the protective case which is a minimal case that doesn’t bulk up your phone but adds some color. Then they have the official flip cover case which works with your phone so when you open the case the phone awakens.

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Original Flip Cover for OnePlus One

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This flip case is one of the official cases made by OnePlus for the OnePlus One. It features a shock absorbent plastic layer with resistant premium Bi-cast leather, while the interior is made of soft velvet for the backside of your phone to have a comfortable place to rest on. The case is crafted to be resistant to shocks, falls, dampness and scratches. Your phone will automatically unlock* as soon as you flip open the front side. The volume button and the lock button be reached as easily either the flip cover closed or open. The backside of the case has an opening for the camera and the flash, and the front side will leave the loudspeakers unblocked, you can take beautiful images and talk to your friends, hassle free. It comes with different colors to choose from.

Design / Style / Type: Flip / Folio
Material: Leather (polyurethane)
Rugged Features: Anti-slip, Impact-resistant, Scratch-resistant
Special Features: Cutouts for buttons (Precise cutouts), Cutouts for ports (Precise cutouts), Molded buttons
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow
Texture / Finish: Leather grain, Rubberized (Soft touch or soft feel)
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Original Protective Case for the OnePlus One Smartphone

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The OnePlus One protective case is barely noticeable while being used, yet gives quite a bit of protection and style to your smartphone. It is made of high quality polycarbonate (PC) that specifically distributes potential impact on your device throughout the whole surface of the cover, providing protection against sudden drops or bumps. The construction is treated with a hard finish material that is resistant to cracks and scratches. Easy access to the camera, and just enough space for the volume and lock buttons together with lines and curves meticulously adapted to the case. This protective clear case is easily bendable and flexible in all different ways, almost unbreakable. The slimness of the case compliments the phone as if the case is part of the device.

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DayJoy Ultra Thin Aluminum Bumper Case for OnePlus One

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Aluminum is one of the finest metals when it comes to strength and weight, and DayJoy has capitalized on that quality with its line of OnePlus One Aluminum Bumpers. This bumper case compliments the minimalistic look of the OnePlus One. You can enjoy having the feel and protection of a metal case without interfering with your phone’s reception. Aluminum bumpers are one of the most stylish ways to protect the corners of your new device because the bumper also protrude out from the rear and front just slightly, allowing you to place your phone flat down on a surface without it making direct contact and getting scratched or dirty. Inside the bumper are also soft pads which ensure your OnePlus One doesn’t get scratched up while inside. These are very luxurious cases and will look great on your OnePlus One!

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Tudia Ultra Slim Bumper Protective Case for OnePlus One

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Designed by Tudia, this Ultra Slim Bumper Protective case for the OnePlus One is made from premium thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) flexi skin that will protect your smartphone from scratches, scuffs and dents. It has been constructed to last longer with durable skin and a nice, soft comfortable finish. It features a glossy plastic on top and bottom of the case with a combination of matte finish in the middle back cover to give the best grip and reduce sliding on flat surfaces. Raised edge design helps protect the display screen from scratches when the device is placed face down. It also allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the case.

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BoxWave Blackout Slim-Fit Case for OnePlus One

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This BoxWave Blackout Slim-Fit Case is dressed to impress with its ultra slim, anti-slip design. Real protection without sacrificing functionality. It is made with high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), one of the industry’s highest standard materials when it comes to strength and elasticity, abrasion resistance, strong resistance to oil, grease, and fingerprints. The Blackout case’s design features a back cover with matte finish for easier gripping, and glossy side accents, the combination lending itself to a blended look; both sleek and refined. This perfectly tailored design means your OnePlus One’s camera, speakers, power button, headphone jack, and charging port all conveniently designed to provide quick access. The Blackout Case: Your light at the end of the tunnel.

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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for OnePlus One

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Presenting the premium line of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases with custom designed Bug droid Circuit print by Cruzerlite. This gel case is made from a high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material that is shock absorbent and scratch resistant. This slim-fitting case provides great protection from day to day use and accidental bumps and spills. The sleek, light-weight design of the case fully wraps around the phone while also raising the front of the phone to protect the screen while face down. Precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports while buttons have been covered for protection from daily use. The case comes in several different colors to choose from.

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Vostrostone Ultra-Thin Case for OnePlus One

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This case made by Vostrostone is made from an ultra thin, hard plastic with soft rubberized exterior finish to provide optimum protection and convenience for your phone. No need to snag it into your pocket because it is slim and has smooth surface. The texture is nice and grippy so you do not have to worry about the phone sliding off of your hands. The case wraps around the phone’s bezel so you can lay your phone face down on flat surfaces preventing it from getting scratched. There are no lint build- ups like those with other silicone skins. And for your convenience, all ports and buttons are easily accessible as well. Making this case a perfect companion for your OnePlus One.

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DayJoy Ultra Thin Side Flip Folio Leather Case for OnePlus One

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The DayJoy Side Flip Folio Leather Bumper Case Cover for the OnePlus One is an elegant, ultra thin case made with high quality polyurethane (PU) leather mixed polycarbonate (PC) clamshell design. It will protect your phone from scratches and chips. All opening, buttons, connectors and speaker position are placed perfectly to give this case a sense of unity with the phone. It features a window like view so you can check the home screen or access main applications on your phone, you can even answer phone calls without opening the case hassle free. The case comes with different color options to choose from. Simple, yet elegant.

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What is your favorite OnePlus One case?

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