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ZTE Blade Z Max review

We take a look at what the latest affordable smartphone from ZTE has to offer in this in-depth ZTE Blade Z Max review!
October 5, 2017

ZTE Blade Z Max

The best thing about the Blade Z Max, besides its price, is its outstanding battery life. Among its impressive feature set, it delivers a good display and an excellent finger scanner. But despite having a dual camera, only the main shooter is remarkable - the poorly implemented dual-lens modes aren't worth your time. Definitely consider if you're on a budget.

What we like

Fingerprint scanner performance is great. Extremely accurate and responsive
Main camera performs very well for a budget/mid range device
Face detection on front facing camera
Large 4080 mAh battery offers great battery life
Good display, vibrant and sharp
Large software feature set for budget device
Excellent price-to-value ratio

What we don't like

Size makes it a two-handed phone
Dual lens camera modes suffer from lack of quality
Video is unstabilized and on board microphone performs very poorly
Lack-luster build quality
2 GB of RAM causes some bottlenecks in performance

Our scores


With the rise of the ultra-premium smartphone, some current generation flagships are hitting all time price-highs. Fortunately, some OEMs have continued to focus on and improve things at the lower end of the price spectrum as well.

Today’s budget-friendly smartphones are as affordable and reliable as ever, but what can we really expect from a device that costs just a tenth of what some of the highest-end offerings will set you back? Let’s find out what the  ZTE Blade Z Max has to offer!





The ZTE Blade Z Max can easily provide a full day of use with its 4,080 mAh battery.





Pricing and final thoughts