ZeroLemon Nexus 6P Battery Case

You know how we’re always complaining that smartphone manufacturers should make their phones thicker and fill them up with extra battery? Well, ZeroLemon, maker of all kinds of battery cases and external power packs, has produced the battery equivalent of an Iron Man suit for the Nexus 6P. At 8,500 mAh, it will effectively triple the battery life of your trusty Nexus 6P. And make it indestructible.

It’ll also bump the weight up to 427 grams. I don’t know how tight your belt is, but I would want to risk carrying around a half-kilo brick in my jeans. This battery case is clearly for special use cases and pretty much ensures your phone will be relegated to a backpack or briefcase when not in use (although I would absolutely love to see someone walking round with this in their pocket).

But if you need a phone with three-day battery life then you’re probably willing to deal with a little – I mean, a lot – of bulk. The case features flow-through charging so you can charge the phone and case at the same time and the soft TPU material also serves as a bumper case for your new battery brick. Fortunately, there are giant cut-outs on the back to provide access – albeit awkward – to the finger scanner and camera lens.

ZeroLemon Nexus 6P Battery Case front and back

The best news is that this 190% increase in battery life for your Nexus 6P will soon be available at a special introductory price on Amazon. On July 15 you will be able to buy the 8,500 mAh Nexus 6P battery case for $59.99, via the button below.

Is there such a thing as too much battery? Do you use a battery case? How big is it?

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