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You told us: You won't subscribe to YouTube Premium now that Vanced is gone

It seems like polled readers are more likely to look for other third-party YouTube apps.

Published onMarch 17, 2022

YouTube Vanced app icon resize
Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Vanced was arguably the most popular third-party YouTube app on the market, but a legal threat from Google resulted in the app being discontinued a few days ago. The developer said that Vanced should continue to work for roughly two years or so, but we’re guessing that Google could make changes to YouTube to speed up its demise.

In any event, we posted a poll in our news story asking whether readers would subscribe to YouTube Premium now that Vanced is gone. Here’s how that survey went.

Will you subscribe to YT Premium now that Vanced is gone?


The poll attracted over 9,500 votes since being posted on Monday, and it turns out that the overwhelming majority of respondents (~93%) won’t be subscribing to YouTube Premium now that Vanced is discontinued.

It’s easy to understand this sentiment, as many Vanced users likely downloaded the app to get some Premium perks for free to begin with (e.g. ad-free playback, background listening). And with several alternative third-party apps out there, we’re guessing many Vanced users will explore these options first. It also doesn’t help that Google had a major hand in shutting down Vanced as well, presumably so it could direct people to YouTube Premium.

Meanwhile, a mere ~7% of respondents say they’ll be subscribing to YouTube Premium now that Vanced is discontinued. YouTube Premium does have an upside of applying to all your devices, whereas Vanced is for Android devices only. So it makes sense to explore this option if you also want ad-free playback on your smart TV, gaming console, and other gadgets. 


  • Skifarterking: Apart from the ads debacle, Vanced is a much better app than what Google is making for YouTube.
  • thesecondsight: Google is naive. By shutting down YouTube Vanced, Google has only succeeded in motivating the Android community to use alternative apps which offer similar features. They’ve won nothing.
  • Joe Black: Sad to see as the Vanced app is pretty much perfect, they even introduced skip function for ad segments in videos – aka goodbye RAID: Shadow Legends and other crap.
  • Mark McCoskey: I plan on continuing with Vanced, until it stops working. Then I’ll seek out an alternative.
  • TheJah: NewPipe it’s also a great alternative!
  • Eoaoos: Here’s to hoping the same devs will come up with something new and better.
  • allhaileris: Nothing could induce me to pay Google for anything. I block their ads and avoid their products as much as is possible.
  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji: They won’t bring youtube premium to my country.They won’t add sliders for volume and brightness. They ruined resolution picker How much more suffering does one have to endure?
  • mattc: Sad times. Time to return to paying YouTube at some point. Maybe.
  • NitzMan: I’m guessing everyone who’s complaining here doesn’t have YouTube Premium? 

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