YouTube Music Key beta

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Youtube’s Music Key has been getting a lot of attention and it’s because the service is reportedly launching its service in beta next week. It offers all of the benefits of Google Play Music All Access along with some extra features like ad free music videos on YouTube, offline caching, and concert recordings.

According to a tip we received, current Google Play Music All Access subscribers may be getting first dibs on the Music Key beta. This makes sense because Google Play Music All Access is about half of the YouTube Music Key experience to begin with. The email (picture above) reads as follows:

Starting next week, as a Google Play Music subscriber, you’ll get free and complete access to the YouTube Music Key beta, a new service from YouTube where you can watch ad-free music videos, and keep the music playing in the background or when you’re offline. The Google Play Music app will also include ad-free music videos alongside select tracks. Stay tuned for more information.
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Google has been a long time fan of private betas with access given out via invites. This doesn’t appear to follow that same formula although we wouldn’t be surprised to see an invite system in place alongside this. If you’re a Google Play Music All Access subscriber, keep an eye on your email because you may be getting one about this soon.

Has anyone else received similar emails?