Google has stuck a lovely spoonful of cookie dough ice cream into the mouths of YouTube fans with one hand while punching them in the privates with another, figuratively speaking.

According to a report from Campaign, Google will drop the dreaded 30-second unskippable YouTube ads — the ones that always appears just as you hush everyone at the party to listen to the sick intro of your favorite jam — and will instead introduce more frequent 6-second unskippable ads, starting 2018. The 20-second unskippable ads, meanwhile, are also here to stay.

The move is said to have arrived as a response to Facebook’s increasing focus on video. Callum McCahon, strategy director for Born Social, said it was: “A signal that YouTube is very worried about Facebook,” in a statement to Campaign, adding: “Their video offering is becoming ever more attractive to brands by the day, and YouTube is panicking.”

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This is said to please consumers while being bad news for advertisers, but I’m not sure how much I subscribe to that. The 30-second ad was easy to avoid: Mute > open new tab > navigate to Android Authority > eat a potato chip > drink some soda > return and boom you’re right at the start of your video without having watched the ad — and a great website is open for later.

It’s just not really going to be worth avoiding a 6-second commercial.

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Scott Adam Gordon
Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Follow him on Twitter and Google+ at the links.