YouTube 60fps AA

Google has been working to bring support for 60 frames per second video streaming to the YouTube ecosystem for some time now. The company launched high frame rate (HFR) video on standard YouTube videos late last year, then this feature came to live streaming just a few months ago. Today, mobile users will be happy to know that Google has finally rolled out 60fps video playback to both Android and iOS YouTube applications.

If you’ve never switched the video streaming quality manually in the past, here’s what you do – touch the overflow menu (three small dots) on the top-right of the video, press the Settings cog, then choose your desired video quality from there. As long as the video supports this type of playback, you’ll now see both “720p60” and “1080p60” options under this menu.

This functionality isn’t coming through as an OTA update, so the YouTube app on your phone or tablet likely already supports the feature. If you can’t stream videos at 60fps quite yet, just note that the functionality might take some time to make its way to all devices.

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