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XRY forensic software can crack iOS or Android devices in a jiffy, not for home use!


Published onMarch 31, 2012

xri forensic tool android

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a digital CSI expert, you should know that there’s a new software tool around the corner that should crack pretty most iOS or Android device in a matter of minutes, and also help recover data from the respective gadgets.

As you might suspect, the XRY Complete is not for entertainment and home use, but for law enforcement agencies representatives only. Regardless of that, it’s interesting to know about these things, even if you’re not a forensic specialists (watching CSI: New York does not count).

Before you start telling me that any kind of software can be cracked and used for home purposes, I find myself obliged to disappoint you and tell you that you need quite some serious references to get a hold of an XRY license number, so don’t get any funny ideas! As for the people who actually get to use the app, I would think (or at least hope) that they know what they are doing and they know better than to let it leak to potentially harmful hands.

After this unnecessary (or maybe not) long introduction, let’s get down to today’s order of business and finally talk a bit about XRY. Well, the software application runs on Windows and, according to the manufacturers, can recover data, both live and deleted, from any kind of mobile device in use nowadays.

Combining some logical and physical analysis tools that, honestly, surpass my powers of understanding, the XRY Complete is apparently the first choice among law enforcement agencies worldwide. I said “apparently”, because, while trying to dig up some extra details about XRY, I stumbled over a very interesting article posted on Micro Systemation’s blog.

Micro Systemation is XRY’s manufacturing company and, according to this article, the tool might not work so easily on “any iOS or Android device”. As a matter of fact, it might actually only work on a limited number of gadgets.

If an Android device has a passcode activated and the device doesn’t have the USB debugging mode turned on, there’s a good chance that XRY won’t work. And what devices don’t have USB debugging activated? Well, pretty much any gadget that hasn’t been jailbroken/rooted.

Also, many new smartphones and tablets released during the past year or so are supposedly unbreakable by XRY. Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2, as well as many Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb (and, of course, Ice Cream Sandwich) devices are on the long list of products unsupported by the software.

On the other hand, manufacturers will be releasing an important update in the near future, according to an official announcement posted on their blog. The announcement is dated February 20, but unfortunately there isn’t any exact date hinted by the guys at Micro Systemation.

The update should offer support for many new devices, but these are themselves unspecified, so for the time being, if you own a high-end Android gadget of some sorts, you probably can keep going with your illegal activities (just kidding, guys, illegal is not cool!).