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Report: Xperia Z5 series to get improved Stamina Mode with Android 6.0

According to a new tip-off on Twitter, when Android 6.0 hits Sony's Xperia Z5 family, it will bring along an enhanced Stamina Mode that could boost battery.

Published onNovember 1, 2015

These days our smartphones can do more than many of us ever dreamed possible in the not-so-distant past, and given the continued push forward this trend doesn’t look likely to stop. Perhaps the biggest limiting factor on the user side however, is the problem of power: not specs mind per se, but battery juice. As phones haven grown greater, so too has their power cell supply, but it’s still not enough. Sony’s new Xperia Z5 series has made some bold claims about its battery life, and according to a tipster, the duration is going to get even more dramatic when Marshmallow lands:

While the above Tweet doesn’t exactly spill the stats of the secret, the mere idea is enticing enough as is. For those who are wondering, Stamina Mode is a specific setting that basically deactivates data during screen off time. It prevents apps from syncing, checking for notifications or incoming messages. Additional modifications to normal operation include blocking data transmission that would otherwise turn on the screen. Fortunately incoming phone calls, SMS and MMS related content will still come through, along with any relevant alarms, calendar notifications, and the LED (specifically for low battery warnings).

Granted that most users aren’t likely to leave Stamina Mode on for most of the day, however it can be an absolute “life saver” when the battery percentage drops below a certain point and you still have lots of living left to do.


Given that Android 6.0 makes use of a new feature called Doze wherein the system meticulously monitors app usage during screen off time, it is possible the tweeted improvement is somehow affiliated or connected with the OS overhaul.

At this time it is impossible to say if the improvements – assuming they pan out – will also make it to other Xperia devices that make the switch to Marshmallow, but even if it’s a hardware-related thing, the Xperia Z4/Z3+ would seemingly be a strong candidate given the striking similarities with the SoC and whatnot.


Ultimately it remains to be seen what pans out. At the time of its launch, Sony had promised all three Xperia Z5 models (the Compact, Standard, and Premium) would have supposed two day battery life, however many reviews of the devices thus far have mentioned that – while screen on time has been improved over past products – it’s still not all it could be. At the very least, an improved and enhanced Stamina Mode could make the devices that much sweeter when you’re juicing the last bit of juice.


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