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Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and how to fix them

We take a look at some of the common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems that users come across and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!
September 15, 2018

The Xiaomi Mi 8 and the Mi 8 Explorer Edition have received a lot of flak since their launch back in May this year. Controversies aside, Xiaomi continues to offer what its known for with these phones – incredible value for money. You get the latest and greatest in specifications and even some unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. And everything said and done, it is hard to argue against its affordable-for-a-flagship price tag.

However, like any other current generation smartphone, this device is also not without its issues. Here is a round up some of the common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems that users face, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!

Users won't come across every one of these Xiaomi Mi 8 problems below. In fact, it is more than likely that you won't come across any of these issues at all.

Problem #1 – Call recording not working

xiaomi mi 8 front screen

Some users have found that call recording doesn’t seem to work as expected. This issue occurs when using the built-in call recording feature of MIUI as well as any third-party apps that are available on the Google Play Store.

Potential solutions:

  • This issue is related to the device’s VoLTE feature. Go to Settings > SIM cards & Mobile Networks and disable VoLTE. The issue seems to go away.

Problem #2 – HUD has large black bars and icons look out of place when using Android Auto

xiaomi mi 8 held in hand

Many users have found that when connecting their phones to the built-in HUD in the car to use Android Auto, there are large, ugly black bars on the screen and the icons look out of place. For some, Android Auto doesn’t seem to work at all.

Potential solutions:

  • This issue is related to the screen dpi. A potential workaround that users have found involve changing that setting. Go to Settings > Display > Display Size and change the dpi to 180. Then run Android Auto. Once it is running, you can go back to the same setting and change it back to the previous dpi. This seems to fix the problem temporarily.
  • This is one of the more well-known Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and the good news is that it is going to be fixed with an upcoming update to the latest version of MIUI that is based on Android 9.0 Pie.

Problem #3 – Face Unlock doesn’t work as expected

xiaomi mi 8 face unlock feature

Some users have found that the Face Unlock feature doesn’t always work and requires multiple attempts. Usually, a message pops up that says “open your eyes a bit wider.”

Potential solutions:

  • This issue is mostly faced by users who have a tempered glass screen protector applied on their device. Even if the screen protector has cutouts for the various hardware features housed in the notch, the issue persists. Unfortunately, the only solution for now until a software update addresses this problem is to remove the screen protector or use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone instead.

Problem #4 – Notification bar is greyed out

The front of the Xiaomi Mi 8.

Some users have found that the notification bar seems to be greyed out occasionally and only changing the theme fixes it, albeit temporarily.

Potential solutions:

  • This issue is caused by the Dark Mode feature that you may have enabled with certain apps. Disable Dark Mode and the problem goes away. This is another known issue that will likely be fixed in an upcoming update.

Problem #5 – Cannot stream HD content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others

xiaomi mi 8 home screen
The Xiaomi Mi 8 was the first phone with dual GPS

Users may have come across the fact they are unable to stream HD content on streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others. This basically is a result of the way Widevine DRM works. Android devices support either L1 or L3 security levels, depending on hardware and software implementations. If your device is only L3 compliant, you’re capped at sub-HD resolutions and that is, unfortunately, the case with the Xiaomi Mi 8.

There is also no easy fix available since this issue cannot be addressed via an OTA software update. When users noticed the same problem with the OnePlus 5T, OnePlus did manage to fix it. But it involved having to send the device back to OnePlus so that they could install the update. So far, Xiaomi has made no indication that this is something they are going to do for any of its smartphones yet. If streaming high-quality content on your smartphone is important, this is something that you should definitely check first before buying a new phone.

Problem #6 – Connectivity issues

xiaomi mi 8 connection settings

As is the case with any new device, you may find yourself facing some connectivity issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Users have come across common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems with regards to Bluetooth connectivity in particular. (Keep in mind that the location of the settings may be slightly different depending on software version).

Potential solutions:

Wi-Fi issues

  • Turn the device and the router off for at least ten seconds. Then turn them back on and retry the connection.
  • Go to Settings > Power saving and ensure that this option is turned off.
  • Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer to check how crowded your channel is, and switch to a better option.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi connection by going to Settings > WLAN and long tapping the connection you want, then selecting ForgetRe-enter the details and try again.
  • Make sure the router firmware is up to date.
  • Make sure the applications and software on the device are up to date.
  • Go into WLAN > Settings > Advanced and make a note of your device MAC address, then make sure that it is allowed access in the router’s MAC filter.

Bluetooth issues

  • With issues when connecting to the car, check the manufacturer’s manual for the device and the car and reset your connections.
  • Ensure that you are not missing a vital part of the connection process.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth and ensure nothing needs changing.
  • Go into Settings > Bluetooth and delete all prior pairings, setting them up again from scratch.
  • When it comes to issues with multiple device connections, only a future update will be able to address this problem.

Problem #7 – Problems where the only option is to wait for a software update

xiaomi mi 8 white

There are a few problems that don’t have workarounds or fixes available yet. In these cases, the only option is to wait for an official software update to address these issues.

  • Broken/missing notifications – Some users have found that notifications don’t appear in the status bar or on the Always On Display. In most cases, only opening the app results in new notifications showing up. Luckily, this is a known issue and one of the more common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems that is going to be addressed in the next software update.

So there you have it for this roundup of some of the common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems that users have come across, along with potential solutions on how to fix them! If you have faced any other issues with your device, do let us know in the comments section below.