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Xiaomi Mi 6 review

The latest flagship from Xiaomi once again combines high-end specs with a reasonable price tag. Here is our in-depth Xiaomi Mi 6 review!
May 30, 2017

Xiaomi Mi 6

It isn’t perfect, but the Xiaomi Mi 6 manages to bring together a ton of features we loved last year into one cohesive, affordable package that warrants your attention.

What we like

Beautiful, solid design
Smooth, solid performance thanks to the Snapdragon 835
Above average battery life
Capable dual lens camera
Portrait mode is very pleasing
Low price point

What we don't like

No headphone jack
MIUI may not be for everyone
Camera capabilities aren’t fully fleshed out
Limited availability

Our scores


Xiaomi made headlines early last year with its 2016 flagship, the Mi 5. Not only was the Mi 5 affordable, beautiful, and packed with top-tier features, it was also one of the first devices to sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor. Unfortunately the device never officially made its way to the United States, and even if you did manage to import one it lacked the proper 4G LTE bands.

Now Xiaomi is back with its 2017 flagship smartphone, the Mi 6. With the Xiaomi Mi 6, you get a phone with high-end specs, a unique design, a zoom lens, and a sub-$400 price tag. The problem is, like the Mi 5, this phone isn’t coming to the West. That means folks residing in the U.S. will need to import one from a third-party website. But if you happen to live elsewhere, is this phone worth your hard-earned cash?

Find out, in our Xiaomi Mi 6 review!

About this review:

Because I, Joshua Vergara, used the Xiaomi Mi 6 in the States on the T-Mobile network, I was not able to get the best example of the Mi 6’s performance. As a Chinese phone, this device lacked the radios for LTE connectivity and even then had problems sticking to an HSPA+ connection. This is common for a phone made for other markets, but it does mean that this review is a bit less deep on the hard specifications. Please keep this in mind when reading our review.



Performance and hardware





Pricing and final thoughts

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