There’s no shortage of WWE mobile games you can download from the Play Store, and now fans of the pro wrestling franchise and all of its over-the-top characters can look forward to another game very soon. Sega has announced it will release WWE Tap Mania, a mobile idle game that will be available for Android later this year in the Google Play Store.

The development team in charge of the game will be The Tap Lab, who previously released more cartoon-based titles like Politicats and BMO Snaps, based on the Adventure Time animated series. There are not a ton of details yet on WWE Tap Mania, but the press release confirms it will be a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases. Sega says the game will feature a roster of both past and present WWE wrestlers who will battle players in events like the just completed Wrestlemania and more.

Previous WWE-based mobile exclusive games that are still available in the Google Play Store include WWE Champions, a puzzle-based RPG game, WWE SuperCard, a collectible card battle game, and WWE Immortals, a mobile fighting game where the wrestling superstars are re-imagined as superheroes and villains with powers and new looks. You can also purchase the mobile version of WWE 2K, a port of the popular console wrestling game, for $7.99.

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