Worms 4 teaser

Some computer games never die: Streetfighter, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy, Worms. With over 20 Worms titles in 20 years, this is one franchise that just won’t quit. Following an iOS release in November last year, Worms 4 is now available on Android for $2.49.

The surprising thing is that the game itself really hasn’t changed much compared to when it first appeared way back in 1995 under the title Total Wormage (how’s that for classic mid-90’s wordplay?). For the historically minded among you, here’s that original trailer.

Fast forward 20 years and the fourth mobile game has just arrived on Android. The graphics may have been spruced up a bit, but the core gameplay remains intact. Long story short, you take control of a heavily armed worm and fire various silly weapons across the landscape to blow up your opponents. Here’s what Worms 4 looks like today.

In all honesty there’s not really much going for Worms 4 other than a trip down memory lane with more pixels. There have been some improvements, like global online multiplayer divided into factions that you can declare war on at any time, shorter multiplayer rounds and a better arsenal. Sadly though, there’s no Android TV support. Maybe in Worms 5…

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