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You told us: Are you satisfied with your Wi-Fi solution? The answer isn't easy.

A slim majority of polled readers aren't looking for an upgrade, but that still leaves plenty who are on the lookout.

Published onMarch 23, 2022

Home Wi Fi Google Pixel 6
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the most important and seamless technologies in use today, giving devices wire-free access to the internet and networks with minimal fuss in theory.

Wi-Fi isn’t perfect in practice though, and our own Dhruv Bhutani abandoned consumer Wi-Fi gear in favor of Ubiquiti networking hardware. We also posted a poll inside his article asking whether you were satisfied with your setup, and here’s how you answered that question.

Are you satisfied with your Wi-Fi solution?


We posted the poll and accompanying opinion piece on Sunday, March 20. Over 2,100 votes were counted and it turns out that 33.79% of respondents are indeed satisfied with their Wi-Fi setup.

In a close second place with 32.18% of the vote, however, was the camp saying “No, I’m looking at pro solutions like Ubiquiti.” Meanwhile, 25% of polled readers say their Wi-Fi setup works fine enough and they’re not looking to upgrade. Finally, ~9% of respondents say they’re not satisfied and will upgrade to a mesh networking system.

When we combine the votes of those who are satisfied with their Wi-Fi setup and those who say it works fine enough, it turns out that almost 59% of respondents aren’t looking to upgrade at the very least. Meanwhile, ~41% of polled readers are looking for an upgrade of some kind. This all suggests that there’s plenty of room for improvement for consumer-grade Wi-Fi solutions.


  • Maleko: Already done similar but use TP-Link as it’s a fraction of the cost of Ubiquity, using their business level equipment. Also setup Pi-Hole for adblocking and a VPN for on the go adblocking. Never regretted doing it all.
  • John Borg: There’s no option for ‘yes and i invested in one already’
  • Brandon G: Ive been enjoying my Google nest wifi
  • Lightmaster: Actually just started my upgrade from a single ASUS GT-AX11000 router to UniFi. Got a Dream Machine Special Edition (have 2Gbit internet and it has a 2.5GbE port), a USW-24-PoE, a WiFi 6 Pro, and a WiFi 6 LR. Gonna buy 2 more WiFi 6 Pros when we finish moving into our new 3600 sqft house. It’s just too big with too many walls for a single AP to cover it, not to mention getting some coverage of the yard too.
  • Andy Marden: Happy with my setup, because I went Ubiquiti all the way after a similar journey. Three properties all vpned together (but done the hard way with Edgerouters not fancy Dream Machines!) Never looked back and wouldn’t use anything else.
  • Kira: The advantage of a 200 square foot apartment is better WiFi.
  • Ahmad: I did the same for our small business after years of trying different systems. I thought first it’s too good to be true for thier prices, but I was wrong after I tried them. Simple and easy to setup. Great quality and lasts.
  • Stanley Kubrick: I have a new fiber 300 setup from AT&T. I bypass the WIFI on the provided router and use Deco X20 (2 units) in my 2800+ square foot house with an ethernet backhaul. Great, fast WIFI everywhere on my property.

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