whatsapp web documents

WhatsApp is on a roll. Following the release of dedicated desktop apps for Windows and Mac, Whatsapp has now added support for sending documents through its Web interface.

Think of WhatsApp Web (and the desktop apps) as mirrors of your activity on the mobile app. That’s necessary because WhatsApp doesn’t store your chats on its servers, so the web and desktop clients have to sync with your device in order to work.

While all the messages are synced, not every feature from the mobile app has been carried over to the Web/desktop apps. Up until now, sending documents like PDF or MS Word files was only possible from the phone. That changed over the past days, making it a little easier to use WhatsApp for business or schoolwork.

Simply click on the paperclip button to attach a document from your computer. It looks like only PDF and Office documents are supported and there might be some size limitations in place. Previously, you could only attach videos or photos from your computer or take new ones with the web cam.

On a related note, a previous rumor suggested WhatsApp would soon update the mobile app with the ability to attach archive files to chats. We’ll keep you posted when that happens.