Whatsapp update

Fed up of being automatically dumped into groups on WhatsApp? Thanks to new privacy settings rolling out from today, you can now alter your privacy settings for WhatsApp groups so you can always be notified before joining.

The new group invite options — available through Account > Privacy > Groups — are “Nobody”, “My Contacts”, or “Everyone.” Picking the first option means all users inviting you to a group will have to send a private invite before you’re added to the chat. These invites expire after three days.

The “My Contacts” option lets your WhatsApp contacts add you to any group without an invite, but any other contacts outside your address book will have to wait for your reply.

The new privacy feature began rolling out today and is expected to hit all devices running the latest version of WhatsApp in the coming weeks.

Previous WhatsApp updates

Message sharing limits

January 21, 2019: WhatsApp is tackling hoaxes spread on the messaging app by making it so that users can now only forward messages to five contacts or groups at once. The functionality first appeared in India after people were reportedly killed by mobs in connection with hoax WhatsApp messages, but now the restriction is global.

Picture-in-picture videos

December 19, 2018: WhatsApp now supports picture-in-picture videos. The PiP option simply allows you to view web videos in a window, without leaving the WhatsApp chat. You can also drag and resize the video clip, allowing you to see the chat in the background. And yes, you can scroll through the background chat while watching a video.

WhatsApp Stickers

November 8, 2018: WhatsApp has followed other popular messaging apps by adding Stickers. Users can find Stickers under the “emoji” menu via the”sticker” icon at the bottom of a chat. Users can also download more sticker packs using the “+” icon.

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