There’s no arguing that WhatsApp is extremely popular around the world. At the beginning of the year, the Facebook-owned app announced that it has over a billion monthly active users. In order to keep those users engaged and stay competitive in its space, the company knows it has to bring new features to the table.

Today, WhatsApp announced that video calling, a feature first released in the beta version of the app, is going live. Available for Android, as well as iOS and Windows devices, it will roll out to users across the world within the next few days. To use it, you’ll have to update your app, jump into the chat window, and tap the familiar phone icon. Then choose between starting a video or a voice call, and you’re good to go.

You can finally send GIFs in the latest WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp is obviously fighting to keep its market share and hopes to increase its user base by adding a few new features. In addition to bringing video calling to its app, WhatsApp has recently been testing out a Snapchat-like “Status” feature, which hasn’t officially been released yet. It has also introduced a two-step verification process (beta version), which will hopefully be available soon.

Any thoughts regarding WhatsApp’s video calling feature? Will you be trying it out?