WhatsApp is getting reminders and tasks via Any.do.

WhatsApp is a pretty full-featured instant messaging platform, but it’s not in WeChat’s league when it comes to extra features. Fortunately, the Facebook-owned company has quietly revealed integration with the Any.do task manager.

The new integration, spotted by Android Police, lets you create reminders and tasks via an Any.do bot on WhatsApp. These reminders can also then be received in WhatsApp when the time comes.

Other neat features include the ability to forward messages to the bot to create tasks (e.g. someone asking you to pick up groceries), the ability to share lists and assign tasks, synchronization with your Any.do tasks outside WhatsApp, and integration with over 1,500 apps.

WhatsApp now has integration with Any.do, enabling reminders and tasks.


The feature is available to all WhatsApp-enabled devices around the world, but it unfortunately requires an Any.do subscription ($2.99 a month). Not sure if it’s worth the cash? Then you can try out a free seven-day trial over at the whatsapp.any.do website. You can also activate the feature via the Any.do app by tapping settings > integrations > WhatsApp.

Hopefully this is just the start of services integrating with WhatsApp in a more meaningful way. Are there any services you’d like to see on the Facebook-owned messaging app? Let us know in the comments!

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