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What does Snapping do in Marvel Snap?

Winning could happen in a Snap.

Published onFebruary 2, 2023

Marvel Snap 5
Austin Kwok / Android Authority

Marvel Snap is a fun way to pass the time, but it can also turn into a serious strategy-based mobile game. That is especially true when you consider Snapping, the titular move of the game. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? We’ll explain everything you need to know about what Snapping does.

What does Snapping do in Marvel Snap?

A photo of two hands holding a phone playing Marvel Snap.
Austin Kwok / Android Authority

The main objective when playing Marvel Snap is to increase your rank. All the other goals and prizes further this objective at the end of the day. To fully understand what Snapping does, keep this in mind.

You get one Cosmic Cube floating above the game when playing Marvel Snap. If no player Snaps, the prize is two cubes to the winner and two cubes deducted from the loser. To move to the next level, you need ten cubes.

If you choose to Snap, you double the wager. That is, the game begins with two cubes and ends with four cubes. But remember, that also means a loss of four cubes if you lose.

Additionally, the last turn automatically doubles the stakes, so the final round could potentially mean a gain or loss of eight cubes. The current stakes are visible as the number in the cube, while the next turn’s stakes are shown underneath it.

What is a Cosmic Cube in Marvel Snap?

According to official Marvel lore, Cosmic Cubes are “super-powered relics from the realm of the Beyonders” that allow anyone possessing one to “re-write reality and manipulate space-time itself.” In Marvel Snap, they are not quite that powerful, but they do let you see what the current stakes are in your match.

Tapping on the cube itself is how you Snap. You can do this during any turn, but there are some strategies you should consider first, which we’ll discuss shortly.

To Snap or not to Snap?

A photo of a smartphone running Marvel Snap.
Austin Kwok / Android Authority

Now that you know what Snapping does, you might wonder when the best time to use it is. That is actually a tricky question to answer, but we can offer some helpful tips.

When you have a great hand

Sometimes the random number generator may smile upon you, and you get a great hand. It would be beneficial to Snap in this scenario, especially if you think it will catch your opponent off guard.

It’s the final turn, and you’re doing great

If you have been doing well throughout the match, Snapping on the last turn could help set you over the edge to rank up. Of course, you never know what your opponent might have planned for the last turn, either, but if you think your chances are good, it could be worth a shot. If your opponent retreats, however, you won’t get as many cubes. Still, it’s worth considering.

During every game for the first 25 ranks

The Marvel Snap algorithm tends to go a bit easy on new players, so Snapping during early matches could help you rank up quickly if you have just started playing. Even if you lose, chances are you will more than makeup for it soon after.

If your opponent is not doing so hot

Sometimes your opponent might get tripped up by Marvel Snap’s randomness. If this happens, you can really throw them off by Snapping. This can net you a hefty set of points, though again, your opponent may choose to withdraw, too.

If you are not sure who will win

At other times, everything might be a wild card. Both you and your opponent may be playing by the seat of your pants, but neither can tell. In this case, Snapping can function like a mind trick, bluffing your opponent into thinking you have a better hand than you really do. Or the game is close, and Snapping could be the thing that sends the other player over the edge. A well-placed Snap in these scenarios might quickly net you the next rank.

Frequently asked questions about Snapping

Each player can Snap once per match.

You will lose one point if you retreat from a match.

You will receive half the points you would if you had won if your opponent retreats.