Looking outside the window to check the weather is so 2006. We use apps now, and though the forecast is not always right, 9 out of 10 times it helps me avoid getting wet. And now the Weather Channel and Lyft will work together to make sure you stay dry and safe during rainy days.

The Weather Channel is to begin suggesting Lyft rides when you need to get somewhere in bad weather. But how will it know where/when you need to get somewhere? The Weather Channel app will tap into your calendar and current location to make a decision regarding your best transportation method. If taking a Lyft is the most convenient option, it will suggest that you request one. Accepting will redirect you to the Lyft app, meaning this is not true integration, but it is a way to make the process simpler.

There is one huge caveat, though. This is only compatible with Samsung devices for now. A Lyft spokesperson has mentioned Sammy is only the beginning. And for sure, it’s a healthy start. Samsung is the top smartphone vendor as of Q3 2016, according to the IDC. Partnering with such a popular manufacturer is sure to offer a good boost.

How many of you will be using this feature? I feel like many of you could see it as an overkill. I mean, opening the Lyft app when you see rain outside is not that hard, right?

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