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Wearbuds redefine ‘true wireless’ earbuds

Wearbuds combine true wireless earbuds with a sleek fitness tracker that doubles as a charging pod.

Published onJune 20, 2019


Historically, bluetooth earbuds have come in two varieties. You’re either going to get a pair of buds that are connected by a wire behind your head, or you’re going to get ‘true wireless’ buds that come part and parcel with a charging pod.

According to Oliver Sha Fei, co-founder of a company called Aipower, we haven’t actually seen truly wireless earbuds yet. We’ve just traded one inconvenience for another.

“All wireless earbuds are not truly wireless, because you always have to carry a charging case. Without it, earbuds will soon run out of power. There is an invisible wire that has long plagued true wireless experience.”

As any owner of wireless earbuds can attest, this is certainly the case. Indeed, many long-distance joggers and hikers have given up wireless earbuds after an initial honeymoon period, because the charging case just wound up being another thing they had to keep track of.

There is an invisible wire that has long plagued true wireless experience

Aipower has identified and cut away this pain point by combining two pieces of technology: the wearable fitness tracker and the charging pod. As Sha Fei puts it, “The innovative, patented design of Wearbuds enables the earbuds to be stored and charged in a fitness band, bringing both audio and fitness tracking experience to the consumers.”

The result is that Wearbuds are the first true wireless earbuds we’ve seen that are stored in a wearable rather than a carryon powerbank. There’s literally nothing to keep track of, because when you’re done listening or need to recharge, you’re already wearing their docking system!

Okay, hand over those details

You may be intrigued by the concept, but the true audiophiles are always going to want to know the specs. Fear not!

Wearbuds offer extremely high quality streaming thanks to an advanced Qualcomm chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The graphene-augmented drivers are fine-tuned to reproduce heavy bass and brilliant treble alike. They provide noise isolation, elegantly cocooning the user in their chosen ambiance.

The fitness tracker is no slouch either. In addition to automatically counting your steps, heart rate, and sleep pattern, the touchscreen interface allows immediate access to all your notifications (if you’ve brought your phone along for the journey) and lets you navigate relevant fitness data, like calories burned and workout information, with a swipe.

Limitations of current connection technology prevent many true wireless earbuds from performing single-earbud calls, but Wearbuds solves that problem as well. They boast full Mono Mode support, letting you chat away on one or both earbuds should you like.

I haven’t heard of Aipower…

Maybe not yet, but that’s because these guys are just getting started. Aipower isn’t your typical startup fueled by ambitious but unvetted college kids; they’re a team drawn from established industry professionals with histories with Samsung, HUAWEI, Alcatel, and the like. They claim a broad range of expertise, and have come together specifically to design innovative consumer technology that directly addresses known pain points with frequently used devices.

If you’re interested in Wearbuds, pre-sales are going live on Kickstarter beginning on June 20. Click here to learn more about Aipower and their mission, or click the button below to learn more about Wearbuds!

This article is sponsored by Aipower

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