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Answering calls using your Android Wear smartwatch is no problem, but things aren’t that simple once you want to actually place a call from your wrist-worn gadgets. Android Wear has no straight-forward way to do this, so third-party developers have needed to figure out their won solutions.

The latest one is simply named Wear Dialer, and it does exactly what the name entails. Initiate a call using the application’s dialer, recent call history or contacts list. That’s but the tip of the ice berg in terms of customization within this app, though.


There is a bevy of theme options you can unlock by paying the $2 premium fee. This will enable a quick dial mode, the ability to change Wear translation,, alter the color scheme, switch the speaker mode, enable the use of contact images and more.

Interested? The only requirements are that your phone has Android 4..3 or higher and that your watch sports Android Wear 1.3 or higher. There are plenty of compatible Android Wear devices listed, so chances are you can start making calls from your wrist right away.

How many of you have been looking for an app to do this? We don’t make that many calls nowadays, but suppose it is helpful to keep the task simple when needed.

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