Waze and Spotify have announced an interesting partnership. You’ll soon find a few Spotify features in Waze and a few Waze features in Spotify.

Here’s how it works. While using Waze, you’re able to skip between Spotify songs and see upcoming tracks. If you want, music can even start playing automatically when you launch Waze.

If you’re using Spotify, you can start navigation from within the popular music app. You have the option of switching between the two apps with a single tap, but only when the car is at a complete stop. This is a safety measure that will make sure you won’t be browsing for tunes while you’re driving.

The partnership between Spotify and Waze sounds great on paper and is aimed at people who use both apps. The new integration will save you a bit of time and will make sure you keep your eyes on the road most of the time, as there’s no need to switch between the two apps anymore.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the new features just yet. In an official blog post, Waze mentioned that they will be rolled out to Android users over the next few weeks.