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Waze is launching a new feature that will make your drives much safer.

If you’ve ever come to a busy intersection that requires you to cross multiple lanes of oncoming traffic, things can get pretty tense — especially if you’re driving in a new city. And things only get worse when you’re driving in peak rush hour traffic.

To help put drivers at ease, Waze is rolling out a new “difficult intersections” feature that will allow you to bypass difficult intersections when possible. The feature is only available in Los Angeles for now, but will expand to New Orleans sometime in the future.

Of course, avoiding difficult intersections also means you’ll have to take an alternate route, which will take more time. Waze says the feature is designed to balance an efficient ETA with limiting as many of these intersections as possible. The feature will be turned on by default. If the alternate route will take significantly longer, you’ll still be guided through the difficult intersection.

Once your app receives the update, you’ll find a Difficult Intersections toggle turned on by default. If you prefer to live on the edge and drive through all intersections, you can disable the feature by switching off the toggle.

If this feature came to your city, would you use it? If so, let us know in the comments!

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