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We asked, you told us: You really really want a new NVIDIA Shield TV

It's been over four years since we got new Shield TV models, and you think it's time for an upgrade.

Published onJune 9, 2023

NVIDA Shield TV 2019 remote control on table

NVIDIA hasn’t launched a new Shield TV since 2019’s reboot and Shield TV Tube. Nevertheless, these gadgets remain firm favorites for those who want a feature-packed, well-supported Android TV experience.

We recently wrote about our wish for a new Shield TV model, but we also added a poll asking whether you wanted a new model as well. The results are in, and here’s how you voted.

Do you want NVIDIA to make a new Shield TV?


This was a very popular poll, accruing over 6,600 votes as of writing. And there really was no contest here, with an impressive 96.69% of respondents saying they wanted NVIDIA to release a new Shield TV model.

It’s easy to see why people would want a new Shield TV model. This could build on the older models by offering greater horsepower, support for new streaming/video technologies (e.g. AV1), and HDMI 2.1 support. NVIDIA also delivers exemplary software support, so this would undoubtedly be a key tenet of a future Shield TV model.

Meanwhile, only 3.31% of surveyed readers said they didn’t think NVIDIA needed to release a new streaming gadget. Presumably, these readers are happy with their current Android TV boxes (NVIDIA or otherwise).


  • Marius: Right on spot. The level of support Nvidia showed to Shield is unprecedented, beating even the support manufacturers offer for their phones. Buying Shield instead of a cheap stick or box was (and probably still is) the best decision.
  • eszklar: Rita: Agree with everything you’ve said about the Nvidia Shield. I too wish Nvidia would step up and refresh the Pro line. In Europe there is the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 although I’m not sure how it’ll stack up against the Shield TV Pro – can’t get it here in Canada.
  • Michael J: I still use my 2017 shield and love that it receives updates. Even though I’m on my third remote (thanks kids) I was able to upgrade to the 2020 spec remote. My shield controller battery barely holds charge but I will get around to replacing the battery eventually too. I’ve been into HTPC since the mid 00’s starting with stuff like XBMC and GeeXbox, and even with smart TV’s, I prefer the shield. Not that I feel the need to upgrade, but if NVidia released a 2023/24 spec shield, I would definitely purchase one in support of the best android TV platform in existence.
  • Erzu Seven: There’s nothing wrong with the current one
  • Josh L: I’m right there with you, my CC with ATV is a lagfest from hell and I just cannot understand why Google insists on making it present so much content I never asked for to ruin the experience further (I know what the business decision is, but it doesn’t make sense to me unless they are stupid enough to believe pissing your users off is a sound business model). I hear we can install third-party launchers to get rid of the default laggy interface, or is that just wishful thinking on my end?
  • tinion: If you’re currently on Netflix 4k, just get the latest shield, downgrade to Netflix 720P but activate DLSS, have close to the same experience, save 15 bucks a month, and it will have paid itself after a year. The old one is still amazing, and I actually enjoy the fact it doesn’t get yearly updates. Sure, a new model with the newest Upscaling Technologies, newest Codecs, and an AI based on ChatGPT would be amazing, and it will come when it’s time. The old models will still be great though, years to come. There is no better device family to power your home entertainment system atm.
  • dave p: Been about 5 years since some new hardware. Eager to see what they do and willing to pay for the product if it’s good.

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