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Waiting for Android Gingerbread 2.3? Put the Future On Your Phone today!


Published onJanuary 11, 2011

Everyone who has an Android Phone wants to get Gingerbread right away. Unfortunately, software updates are a hot-button issue, with some hardware manufacturers, cough, cough, Samsung, being much slower than others in updating their devices with the latest and greatest flavor of Android. That being said, you can put get the best elements of Gingerbread (and even Honeycomb!) on your Android Phone today! Premium, advanced elements like the Gingerbread keyboard, Gingerbread launcher, Gingerbread Theme, and even the great new Gingerbread Live Wallpapers can all be put on your phone now! Read on below for the exact and easy to follow instructions on how to upgrade your phone of choice with the latest, coolest elements that Gingerbread has to offer. We even have information on how to get a piece of Honeycomb in the form of the Android 3.0 Music Player APK app.

Here is how you can install Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player on your Android 2.2 Froyo/Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Note that before you proceed with the steps below, you need to have your Android Device Rooted.

Android Honeycomb Music Player APK

We love using either AndExplorer or “Super Manager.” The screenshots, courtesy of, feature the ever-beautiful Super Manager. Check them out for easy instructions.

2. Copy the downloaded file “” into external SD card of your android device.

3. On your Android device of choice, go to Applications—> Settings –> Applications—> Turn ON “Unknown sources”

4. Now install any APK installer or File manager. We are using all-in-one file manager “Super Manager” by Gpc. It is available in Android Market for free.

5. Launch Super Manager, then File Explorer, then external_sd.

6. The Honeycomb APK that you just downloaded and copied onto the external SD card will be listed as “Music”. Give it a quick tap, and install that badboy!

7. After installation is complete, launch “Music” and enjoy the all-new Honeycomb music player on your android device. Enjoy it! It’s beautiful, but not perfect. Remember, it’s still in development.

Gingerbread Launcher on Android 2.2 Froyo

After installing the app, you will lose all shortcuts on home screen. You need to start from blank home screen. We have tested this app on the Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy S. It runs great on both. No problem in it working. Anytime you feel that you need old launcher back, just uninstall the app. Your home screen will be reverted to the old one and all your shortcuts on the home screen will be restored.

One of the most positive points of this little upgrade is that you don’t need to have a rooted phone. Using this app, you can experience the future that Gingerbread has in store on your unrooted Android Phone.

“Gingerbread Launcher” is available in Android market. On your android phone, launch market and search for “gingerbread launcher” by MoDaCo and you will find it easily. As with all things unreleased officially, some will experience bugs on certain handsets.

Check out the convenient link here: Download

Gingerbread Keyboard on Android Froyo 2.2

The Gingerbread Keyboard is incredible. It will, undoubtedly, be one of the best things that Gingerbread has to offer. Why would you want the Gingerbread keyboard on your Android 2.2 device? It has multi-touch, it’s faster and it looks awesome. The keys have more space between them which makes typing more a more accurate and joyful affair.

Android 2.3, known as “Gingerbread,” is not yet out for the majority of Android Phones. Google has been gracious enough to have released Android 2.3 SDK to developers for testing and playing. This version of the keyboard is likely to be the most significant when it comes to improving the experience you have with your phone. Check out the images here to see the difference. It’s huge!

Getting Gingerbread Live Wallpapers on your Android 2.2

Recently, Google released the Software Development Kit (SDK) of Android 2.3. Exciting stuff! This is the best and most recent flavor of Android, and tons of great elements of it are currently available for you to sample and put on your phone today. Live Wallpapers have currently been available since the Froyo 2.2 Update, but there are some new and improved ones available this time around.


To get the live wallpaper love of Android 2.3 on your Android 2.2 Froyo, you first need to have root access. Once you have this, proceed with with following steps:

1. Download Nexus S LiveWallpapers.apk and copy it to SD Card.

2. Use any File Explorer in android and go to /system/app

3. Backup “livewallpapers.apk”.

4. Now copy download Nexus S live wallpaper “livewallpapers.apk” from SD Card to /system/app folder.

5. Reboot your device.

That’s it. Now you can choose the new Nexus S live Wallpaper!

Enjoy the future of Android on your phone today! Let us know how it all goes, and if you need any help!

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