For years, folks could only attach images to locations on Google Maps in order for others to better visualize where they want to go. Google wants to up the ante, however, and it plans to do so by launching a new feature for its Local Guides program that lets people to attach videos to locations in Google Maps.

The feature, which was quietly unveiled a few weeks ago but is now gradually rolling out, lets you either record a video from Google Maps for up to 10 seconds or upload up to a 30-second video that you already recorded. Once you search a select a place on Google Maps, just scroll down and tap “Add a photo” to add your video. Just make sure to tap and hold the shutter to start recording within the app.


Adding videos to locations in Google Maps might seem like a simple thing, but it brings plenty of potential. For one, it allows either businesses or regular people to either give a quick tour of the location or allow others to review those locations. Businesses will, of course, highlight their own wares, but it could also spur them to shoot professional videos of their locations.

The Google Maps icon on a smartphone.
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Speaking of which, Google is testing the video feature with businesses and Local Guides for the time being, but there is no word on when videos will go live. Also unknown is what the review process for video submissions looks like, though Google advises contributors to pay close attention to its review and audio content policies. Finally, though videos should be visible on all platforms, you can only record and submit videos to Google Maps on Android, with no indication if or when the feature will make its way to other mobile platforms.

Even so, at least Local Guides get seven points for every video that gets uploaded.