The Verizon Wear24 was one of the first smartwatches released that had Google’s Android Wear 2.0 OS installed and ready to use out of the box. Verizon first announced the watch in February, and in May it went on sale for the no-contract price of $349.99. Today, Verizon has confirmed that it has quietly, and abruptly, ended sales of the Wear24, only four months after it launched.

The move was first reported by Droid-Life, and later confirmed by the carrier itself. Verizon didn’t offer a reason for pulling the Wear24 from its device lineup, but it’s more than likely that poor sales was the main reason. In our own hands-on impressions of the Wear24, we noted that the smartwatch had some good features, including LTE connectivity so it could be used on its own without linking to a phone, along with an IP67 rating for water resistance and a sharp AMOLED display.

However, we also noted some flaws, including the lack of a heart sensor, and the fact that the bands could not be switched out, because the Wear24’s LTE antennas were built into its included band. Many online reviews of the watch also complained about the low speaker volume, which obviously is a problem if you were planning to use the device as a replacement for your smartphone.

In the end, the Verizon Wear24 ended up being a smartwatch that was likely priced too high for what it offered. The news of its discontinuation comes just a few days after the Apple Watch Series 3 went on sale, which is the first model of Apple’s own smartwatch that includes LTE support.

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