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Use multiple numbers on one phone with Verizon My Numbers app

The new Verizon My Numbers app allows you to make calls, text, and check the voicemails of multiple lines all on one smartphone.

Published onNovember 16, 2018

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  • The new Verizon My Numbers app allows you to have multiple phone numbers on one smartphone.
  • You can make calls, send texts, and check the voicemails of multiple lines, and even customize ringtones for each number.
  • Each additional line you add to a phone will cost you an extra $15 per month.

Today, Verizon announced the Verizon My Numbers app, available for Verizon subscribers on the Google Play Store. Using Verizon My Numbers, you can add multiple phone numbers to one smartphone, solving the problem of carrying around a work phone and a personal phone.

The app can organize all your calls, texts, and voicemails, by grouping the data from each number inside the app. That way you can easily see information for each number and then respond to the calls or texts using the appropriate line, all from the same smartphone.

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Unfortunately, if you have a work phone provided to you by your employer in addition to a personal phone you pay for yourself, this app isn’t going to work for you. You can only add new numbers to your smartphone, not import existing numbers from other accounts or even your own account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Verizon My Numbers app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and log in to your existing account and view the subscription plan.
  • Choose from a provided list of virtual numbers.
  • Confirm your new subscription.

Once you follow those steps, you’ll have two (or more) phone numbers which will ring on the same phone. Using the app, you can customize the ringtones for each number, so you’ll know which line is ringing or receiving texts. You can even snooze lines so you don’t get calls or texts from whichever line you want to ignore for the moment.

Each additional line you add comes with unlimited domestic calls and texts for $15 per month, which gets charged to your main Verizon line.

All in all, this is a cool service, although it won’t solve the two-phone problem many people have with having to carry around a work phone and a personal phone. Click below to download the Verizon My Numbers Android app.

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