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Verizon's Go90 video streaming won't count against your data

Go90 is back on the news and this time with yet another incentive! If you didn't download it for the free 2 GB of data, you might for this offer.

Published onFebruary 6, 2016


You remember Go90, right? Yeah, it’s that video streaming application Big Red released last October. You probably downloaded it because Verizon was offering 2 GB of free data per month (for 3 months) to whoever tried the application. Go90 is back on the news and this time with yet another incentive!

Verizon is now making Go90 streaming completely unlimited in terms of data usage. This means video streaming via this app will not count against your data pool, even when using it over their fast 4G LTE network.

This comes as part of Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360 program, which aims to bring companies to sponsor data for customers to use (or download) their apps, streaming services, web pages and more. It’s a pretty awesome way for developers to bring in more users.

The Go90 free data offer only applies to Verizon post-paid customers. You must also update the Go90 app to the latest version (1.4) on the Google Play Store. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is only streaming that will be free; all other app activity will count against your data pool, and that does include downloading the content to your device.

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About Go90

So, should you download Go90? I mean, free streaming data is free streaming data – so why not?! If you didn’t get it for the free 2 monthly gigabytes, you should at least give it a try this time around.


The app is certainly not up to par with competitors in terms of content selection… yet. But there is certainly something in there you will probably like. Go90 offers shows and other on-demand videos, but also includes plenty of live music and sports for your entertainment. Just hit the button below to download it and give it a go.

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