We now have an official render of what was widely known as the BlackBerry Krypton. According to Evan Blass, it will be released as the BlackBerry Motion.

BlackBerry turning things around thanks to record software sales

Following IFA 2017, there have been multiple reports which claimed that BlackBerry was preparing to launch a brand-new all-touchscreen device. We saw an alleged photo of its back two weeks ago, showing a brushed metal bar on top with a relatively small camera module on it. The device, which was widely known as the BlackBerry “Krypton,” is expected to be announced in October, and we now have a clearer idea of what it’s going to look like, thanks to Evan Blass:

Before we talk about the design, however, it’s worth noting that according to Evan Blass, the Krypton is going to be released as the BlackBerry Motion. “Krypton” may have been an internal code for the upcoming handset, and to be honest, “Motion” certainly has a nicer ring to it.

The BlackBerry Motion, as you can see above, is yet another all-touchscreen handset from the Canadian tech company. It’s designed by and manufactured by the Chinese company TCL per their partnership, and while it’s not the most riveting design out there, rumors say that it will come with an IP67 rating and a whopping 26 hours of battery life. Combine that with the secure, enterprise-friendly software found on any BlackBerry phone, the Motion might be the perfect device for business-focused customers.

And the best news is that there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Unlike the recently-launched KEYone, the Motion has no physical keyboard. Instead, the front of the device is graced with a large touchscreen and a home button which has the BlackBerry logo embedded. The frame seems to be made out of metal of some sort, and the best news is that there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

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