Unicode 9 food emoji

Bacon lovers, unite! You will soon be able to make bacon the most used emoji of all, as the Unicode Consortium, that bastion of smiley faces and disturbingly excited poops, has officially unveiled Unicode 9 today. The dedicated emoji fans among you will know that Unicode 9 got “leaked” in the second Android N developer preview a little while back but the 72 new emoji will be available for all on June 21.

Besides bacon, there will be 18 other new food-related emoji including croissants, pancakes, kiwi and peanuts as well as 22 new people emoji with a more anthropomorphic design. Animal lovers won’t be left out either, with a solid sprinkling of new feathered, four-legged and ocean-dwelling critters, including a duck, owl, eagle, bat, butterfly, fox, deer, rhinoceros, gorilla, shark, squid, shrimp, and lizard emoji.

Android N emoji 2

Face palms, whisky, fist bumps, clowns, selfies, juggling, scooters and baguettes have all made the cut too. While the Unicode Consortium has set June 21 as the official release date for Unicode 9, it is up to Google and Apple to release them. If you don’t want to wait, we’ve previously shared a method for getting the new emoji on your phone right now.

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Do you like the new emoji? What is your favorite?

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