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Online university Udacity has just announced a new plan to make it more affordable for enrolled students to finish their programs. Starting Wednesday, July 8th, Udacity will extend its ‘half-back’ tuition refund program to all upcoming Nanodegree students. This means that every student enrolled in these programs will now get 50 percent of their tuition cost back, provided they complete their program within 12 months of enrollment.

The ‘half-back’ promotion was first introduced in May as an experiment, and thanks to overwhelming student response, the online university is extending the promotion to the rest of the Nanodegree program participants.

Google and Udacity announced the Android Nanodegree back at Google I/O 2015, which promises to cover everything from fundamentals to advanced development skills, on top of Google Play services and Material Design. The Android Nanodegree takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months to complete if students spend 10-15 hours per week, and costs $200 per month. Udacity currently has over 8,600 students enrolled in its six Nanodegree courses, which likely saw a huge increase in enrollment numbers thanks to the Google/Udacity announcement. To learn more about the Android Nanodegree, our own Nirave Gondhia created an informative post explaining what exactly the course entails.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Android Nanodegree program, head to this link to sign up. Enrollment begins tomorrow at 12pm ET. Also, be sure to sign up to get 50% of your tuition back after you graduate.