Android Pay and Uber

And you thought Samsung was going crazy with its Samsung Pay promotions. Google is offering the best deal we’ve yet seen for pushing its contactless payment system: 50% off (up to 10) Uber rides when you pay with Android Pay until October 15.

As with all these promotions, there’s really nothing to it, simply download the Android Pay app via the button below and add a supported debit or credit card to activate it. Then select Android Pay as your payment preference in the Uber app and start hailing cars. When it’s time to pay you’ll only have to fork over half the fare (only in the U.S.).

The 50% discount is capped at $5 though, so don’t go trying a cross-country Uber road trip or anything. For short trips around town this is a pretty sweet deal, but yeah, most Uber rides are upwards of a tenner. It’s probably better to just think of it as a $5 discount on your next 10 rides, but that in itself is a pretty good reason to set up Android Pay.

Do you use Android Pay yet? What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about it?

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