twitter video

Twitter is receiving a couple of big features today – users are now able to conduct direct message group chats and upload clips straight from the app, without having to switch to the Twitter-owned Vine.

Twitter is moving to become a more fully featured messaging service, adding the ability to have group conversations with up to 20 followers, even if those persons don’t follow each other. You’ll be able to share tweets in the group chat, use emoji, and upload pictures in complete privacy. Direct messaging is slowly becoming a complete service, giving users fewer reasons to leave Twitter for other apps.

The second big feature, video sharing, may seem a curious addition, given that Twitter owns the most popular short clip service on the market, Vine. But Twitter argues that Vine and the new video sharing feature are meant to complement, rather than replace each other. A big difference is that Twitter clip sharing lets you upload clips of up to 30 seconds, while Vine is limited to six seconds. Unlike Vines, Twitter clips won’t auto-loop.

Here’s an example of a Twitter clip from actor Neil Patrick Harris.

You’ll also be able to do some basic clip editing right inside the app. For now, Android users will only be able to upload new videos using Twitter’s in-app camera feature, but selection from the camera roll is coming “soon.”

The new features should become accessible through the Twitter web app and Android app soon. Check the official Twitter app in the Play Store for updates.

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