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With over 310 million monthly active users (according to Statista), Twitter continues to be one of the strongest forces online, only beaten by Facebook, YouTube and Reddit. Likewise, Bloomberg is one of the most important news sources online. Do you see a deal coming? Well, it is.

The social network is not shy about partnering with partners to bring more content to its users. They have done it with CBS, the NFL and possibly the NBA. Today we are learning about yet another deal that could be bringing constant live coverage to your Twitter feed.

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These two giants have come to an agreement that will bring live Bloomberg coverage to Twitter. This would include 3 shows and market coverage.

The shows are:

  • Bloomberg West – tech news
  • What’d You Miss? – global financial news
  • With All Due Respect – political analysis
“Partnering with Bloomberg will give people on Twitter the best way to see live financial markets performance combined with the live commentary on the underlying drivers and implications.” -Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO

No other details are given, but an “internal source” claims the two will be sharing ad revenue. Of course, this is to be expected, so no surprises there. Will you be tuning in?