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President Donald Trump may have finally ditched his old Android phone

A new report claims President Donald Trump may have gotten rid of his older Android phone for his Twitter posts, but some questions about security remain.

Published onMarch 29, 2017

The head of social media for the White House (no, not Donald Trump) claims that the President is now using a “new iPhone” to make his Twitter posts. However, there are still some questions about the security surrounding President Trump as he continues to use Twitter to make announcements and post opinions, sometimes including geo-location data.

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Earlier this year, many cyber security experts claimed President Trump was in danger of his phone being hacked. Most of those reports claim President Trump at the time was using an old Samsung Galaxy S3 for Twitter and other uses, and that the phone could be easier hacked into or taken over by cybercriminals. One US Congressman even requested a formal investigation into the President’s smartphone and Twitter activities. For its part, the White House has never confirmed or denied that President Trump used a Galaxy S3.

This week, Dan Scavino Jr., the White House director of social media, stated on Twitter that President Trump was now using an iPhone, and had been for the past couple of weeks:

The President’s Twitter account does show that an iPhone was used to upload messages for the most part. A few of those messages have been labeled as coming from an Android phone, but as CNBC points out, those particular posts might not have been handled by Trump himself, or could have come from a different Android device.

Even if Trump is now using an iPhone, there might still be questions on how secure it really is. So far, there’s no word on if the President’s new iPhone has any additional security measures beyond the ones offered by Apple to regular buyers of the device.

The fact that Trump is now using an iPhone is also interesting for another big reason. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he was highly critical of Apple’s stance against helping the FBI crack an iPhone that was used by a suspect in the December 2015 mass shootings San Bernardino, California. Trump even called for people to boycott Apple for its actions in this case. It looks like Trump doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

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