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Top Currency Converter Apps For Android

Living the life of the jet-set can be a bit confusing. Traveling to various countries is a pain enough as it is with the different languages, customs and businesses - it's even more of a problem if a businessperson is there to do business.

Published onFebruary 19, 2012

Living the life of the jet-set can be a bit confusing. Traveling to various countries is a pain enough as it is with the different languages, customs and businesses – it’s even more of a problem if a businessperson is there to do business. Whether it be buying some trinkets or brokering a deal, the main problem with foreign transactions is the need for an accurate conversion into the local currency. Money changers are available but a shrewd businessperson knows that often the best deals need a bit of verification. Plus, traders specializing in international trade may need an instant update wherever they may be. This is why it’s fortunate that there’s a host of currency conversion apps available for Android smart phones. Here’s some of the cream of the crop.

Pocketools’ Currency Converter is a simple yet powerful app for any trader. Able to handle a host of popular currencies, it also has several options that would recommend it to most business people. First is that it can operate in offline mode – to save on the bandwidth time. In addition, it can track most changes in the international markets and display it as a graph, helping to predict future trends. Paired with a constant update of currency news, this is a helpful little tool for any trader looking for an edge. should be familiar with most people trading in foreign currencies. One of the web’s best currency sites, it can be depended on for accurate and fast information. Users can have dependable to such information via the use of the XE currency app. Utilizing a pleasing and easy to use interface, the app presents the latest data on world currencies and precious metals. Users can even have all such data tracked real-time! Offline use is also available, along with historical data of shifts in prices.

Convert Pad is another useful app – this time more than just for businessmen. More a unit converter, it specializes in converting one unit to another, whatever sort of measurement it is. Supporting 160+ currencies and 23 languages, this is definitely an international app. It is also easily customized to handle whatever unit of measurement or currency is needed to be converted. Users can even define their own units of measurement for conversion.

The problem with currency converters is that they usually share the name “Currency converter.” A good example is e6bapps’ own Currency Converter. A simple and easy to use app, it is a very basic app. If a user needs an application that doesn’t hog up CPU power, this one is for them – no fancy graphs or additional features, just straight-up conversion. Updates are needed to keep the currency rates in line with the market, but they can be automatically scheduled or even manually initiated.

Another simple currency conversion app, this particular app is both free of ads and free. Able to handle every world currency, it has an integrated calculator and a multiple currency display. It also automatically syncs for updates to the daily exchange rate and also features access to a currency Wikipedia. Anyone looking for a free app with a wealth of features can do worse.

More than just a currency converter, this app handles several unit conversions. Multiple conversions are available as well as over 60 currencies from all over the world. Simple and easy to use, the best thing about this app is its free – with no ads in the way.

CodeAndro’s Forex Currency Rates is a very comprehensive app for use in currency trading. It helps to keep track of all world currencies in one simple app, helping to deliver to the user the latest news on money trends. It also happens to support precious metals – excellent for gold and silver trading. Users can easily set up a favorite currency table for daily perusal – weekly and daily rates can also be viewed with ease. The app can also be transferred via SD card to another Android device in a pinch. Definitely a boon for any traveler or trader.

For those looking for something very basic, this app is for them. Supporting only 36 currencies, it’s basically a calculator. The upside is that it will work with any low quality smartphone with its basic system requirements.

A free app, Mobile Converter is another simple currency converter. Constantly updated every time the app is started, it has access to 168 world currencies and can handle their conversion. It can also easily be set-up to display the user’s favorite denominations so that the rates can be easily consulted.

My Currency is a great little conversion app that handles over 160+ of the world’s active currencies. Updated automatically, the interface is simple and easy to understand. It also handles several of new virtual currencies – Bitcoins, Facebook Credits and Linden Dollar. Charts that trace daily, monthly and yearly trends are also provided by this app. Automatic updates are also available so as to keep the user current with the world’s exchange rates.

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