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Must read: top 10 Android stories this week

This week on Android Authority: the LG G5 review is finally here, Android vs iOS - 2016 edition, LG's primer saga, and the Leica-powered HUAWEI P9.

Published onApril 10, 2016

LG G5-21

This week on Android Authority: the LG G5 review is finally here, Android vs iOS – 2016 edition, LG’s primer saga, and the Leica-powered HUAWEI P9.

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10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Plastic, primer and paint: an in-depth look at the ongoing LG G5 saga Plastic isn’t inherently bad. But when a well known YouTuber suggested the LG G5 was coated in plastic, the internet went nuts. Here’s the definitive look at what’s really going on.

Android vs iOS: how they compare Android or iOS, which one is better? The debate will rage on, but you know which one we pick. Personal tastes aside, here’s our look at how the biggest mobile operating systems compare  in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus We’re comparing two phones with outstanding hardware and very different operating systems. Who wins?

Does the Galaxy S7 overheat? Overheating was a huge issue last year, but does Samsung’s latest suffer from the same problem?

LTE Advanced Pro and the road to 5G explained So you’ve just got used to LTE. Too bad – new standards are coming and they’re more impressive than ever.

HUAWEI P9 hands-on: this device feels like a camera with a phone attached HUAWEI means business. Its latest phone is co-developed with Leica and it just oozes imaging prowess. Check it out.

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life review How long can you rely on your Galaxy S7 for? We take a look at the phone’s battery life.

LG G5 vs iPhone 6S: a risky bet and its polar opposite It’s hard to find two phones that are more different. Who comes on top when the wacky LG G5 faces the safe and familiar iPhone 6S.

Water resistant phones: the essential do’s and don’ts Just because your phone has an IP rating, it doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Here’s a great primer on what it really means when a phone is water resistant.

LG G5 review: bringing modular to the mainstream It’s finally here: see if the LG G5 is worth its money in our in-depth review.

Motorola mystery: Is this a new Moto mobile? Here’s a glimpse of what Motorola’s next big thing may look like.

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