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Todoist releases an update, includes huge Material Design makeover, themes, and new features

Today, to-do list app Todoist has released a huge update that includes Material Design and a complete rebuild to include more features. Check it out!

Published onJune 23, 2015

Today, to-do list app Todoist has announced a huge update to its Android app. It’s a much larger update than you would usually expect from an app that’s getting updated to Material Design. In fact, Todoist has overhauled the entire application with the goal of making everything simpler and more colorful. That means on top of a new design, there are also some new features.

Along with adding new features, Todoist has also worked to make existing features work faster. The result is an application that feels almost entirely different from its predecessor. Here is a list of the new features:

  • Quick add with natural data parsing – What this essentially means is the application will now read what you type and just know what information it needs to add. For instance, you can add labels, due dates, etc directly into the task field and the new Todoist app will automatically add the due date, labels, etc to the areas it needs to be added.
  • Start and end dates – This was an existing feature in the Todoist app already but the feature has been revamped so you can be far more specific with things like recurring tasks. These operations are also easier to add to any task.
  • Create sub-tasks while quickly adding tasks – One of the more complex features of Todoist is the ability to create sub-tasks inside of tasks. In the revamped version of Todoist, this is also easier as you can just swipe left or right on the drag handle and it coverts the new task into a sub-task.
  • Add collaborators while adding projects – Todoist admitted that this was one of the more cumbersome features in prior versions of the app. The entire process has been simplified to a single step where you can add collaborators as you create projects.
  • Complete design overhaul – The app received a lot of color in the update and it shows on every screen in the app. It should also be pointed out that all buttons now have labels and are laid out in a consistent fashion making them easier to find.
  • Themes – Todoist has not only given the app a burst of color with Material Design, but you can also change the color. For now, Todoist has 10 themes available including red, tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, noir, graphite, and neutral.
  • Swipe gestures – There have also been some swipe gestures added to the app. Swiping right will mark the task as complete and swiping left will allow you to schedule a task. The swipe gestures are also color coordinated. Swiping to the right for complete will show green while swiping to the left to schedule will be dark yellow.
  • Enhanced full-add screen – In Todoist, you can add quick tasks or you can add tasks using the full-add screen. The full-add screen has been overhauled to make it easier for you to input data about that task such as due date, labels, notes, etc.
Todoist is one of the better to-do list applications on Android already and the slew of new features and designs only helps to solidify that position. As a whole, the app will work mostly as it did before and existing users won’t have to change how they do things. The update seems to simply make doing those things a bit faster.

The update is scheduled to go live today but we imagine the roll-out will take a bit of time. If you already have Todoist, just wait for the update to come to you. If you like what you see and want to give Todoist a try, you can download it using the button below. If you want to learn more, check out the press release, also below.

June 23rd, 2015– Nearly one year after Google announced its comprehensive Material design language, Todoist is releasing their entirely new Android app, now fully in line with Google’s Material design tenets and specifications. This update is not merely a visual makeover, but rather a substantial top-to-bottom overhaul that not only brings Todoist to the forefront of innovative design and app development, but propels the task manager to new heights in terms of Android usability and experience.

Todoist’s Material design update has been highly anticipated by its millions of Android users. Considering the depth of Todoist’s Android renovation, the programming and design of the app have taken the better part of a year. “We’ve made radical changes to nearly all the screens inside the app– their design is both stunning and bold. We’ve also rewritten most of the app’s UI to bring it up-to-speed with the latest technology, to be faster and buttery smooth”, says Gonçalo Silva, Todoist’s Head of Android. It has been an extensive process that will undoubtedly prove to be worth the wait.

Today, Todoist’s Android community will truly be able to get more done, in less time, with less effort, on a much more visually inspiring platform. Regardless if you are a power user who delves into Todoist’s every robust feature, or if you simply enjoy using Todoist as a basic checklist, you will see vast improvements that will help you achieve your most important personal and professional goals.

To begin, you will now be able to personalize your Todoist experience with 10 new colorful themes that will brighten the previously grey backdrop of the app. Love the outdoors? Try the Sky-blue theme. Or enjoy an uplifting boost of color with the Tangerine theme. Todoist for Android is no longer just a powerful, utilitarian software– today, for example, you can open the left menu and see your avatar and your Karmaprogress bathed in a theme that reflects your personality and ambitions.

Beyond the cosmetics of Todoist’s Material design update, users will now enjoy new features that give more power and seamlessness to their task and project management. Though ease-of-use was paramount when Todoist’s Android team took to redesigning the app, technical prowess was never sacrificed. This harmony between technology and usability has resulted in a simplified experience for the user and can be seen in the beautifully executed Material transformations and animations.

Some of the most useful and novel features being released today include:
•Quick add with natural date parsing: Type important task information like due dates, labels, and priorities directly into the task field on your Android device. The intelligent in-line adding will automatically recognize, highlight and properly categorize all the details for you. The new date parsing– one of the most advanced in the world– is available in 14 languages and supports over 300 rules per language. This means that you can input almost any combination of details whatsoever into Todoist, and the app will know exactly what to do with it.
•Start and end dates: Date input for Android has been completely revamped to include start and end dates that will allow you to add even your most complicated recurring due dates. For example, you can now create a task to“read three chapters every Sunday starting August 1st and ending November 15th”.
•Create sub-tasks while quickly adding tasks: Now, it’s possible to organize complex projects directly from your Android device. Just swipe left or right on the drag handle during the quick-add, and you will be able to instantly convert the new task into a sub-task. This makes it incredibly easy to manipulate the hierarchy of the sub-tasks and parent tasks within a project.
•Add collaborators while adding projects: Previously, this was a cumbersome, multi-step process– you had to add a project, select it, tap the sharing option and then add collaborators. With today’s update, you can immediately add new collaborators while creating a new project.
•A brand new navigation menu: This menu has been completely redesigned and beautifully optimized for Material’s visual language. In addition, Todoist’s Manage mode is now much more straightforward and intuitive– all buttons now have labels and are consistently located at the bottom of each sublist.
•Enhanced full-add task screen: Enjoy a gorgeous, full-screen UI that makes it much easier to visualize your task’s most important details like due date, priority, and labels. Task hierarchy is also more accessible on this screen– now, you have the option to select a parent task for any given sub-task that you want to create.
•Swipe to complete and schedule: With today’s update, a swift swipe to the left will let you schedule a task, while a swipe to the right will render a task complete. This action has also been redesigned according to Google’s Material gesture guidelines– the swipe background is now color coordinated to match your intention: green to complete, and dark yellow to schedule.
•Complete redesign: No stone has been left unturned in this update– every single screen and action in Todoist for Android has been totally redesigned under Google’s Material design specifics and tenants.
•Colorful themes: Personalize your to-do list with Todoist’s first ever color themes– there are 10 to choose from including Todoist red, tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, noir, graphite or neutral.
For more details about Todoist for Android’s Material design update please visit
About TodoistOne of the first task-management softwares available on the market, Todoist– launched in 2007– is a powerful to-do list app for personal and group productivity that lets users manage tasks from their email inbox, web browser, desktop, or mobile/wearable device. Todoist is available in 20 languages and on 16 different platforms and is used by over 4.5 million people (many from Fortune 100 Companies like IBM, Oracle, and HP) who have completed more than 182 million tasks in over 30 million projects. Todoist, a champion of lean startup principles, is built by a chiefly virtual team that spans 16 different countries and five continents.

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