In eons past, from the bygone days of 2015, some of the ancient tablets that have survived to the present day record a certain prophecy. This prophecy, at the time shrouded in good omens, held that Titan Quest, the popular PC hack-and-slasher from 2006, would make its way to Android by year’s end.

Alas, the date set by the seers at E3 2015 came and went without a word from DotEmu, the developer who has made a name for themselves revamping old games and re-releasing them on modern consoles and mobile platforms. Some tore their clothes and wept, but others maintained faith that DotEmu would deliver on their word.

Lo, the day has finally come. Almost a full year from the original announcement, DotEmu has revealed that Titan Quest is now available on the Android operating system. The jubilation is palpable as the citizenry rushes to the streets to rejoice.

Titan Quest casts you in the role of a noble champion battling across Ancient Greece, Egypt, and the exotic climes of parts unknown. Naturally, the world is overrun by mythological creatures enough to fill a medieval bestiary, and you’ll even have to tackle such mighty figures as Prometheus and Hades.

Titan Quest is a long game, and well worth the $6.99 investment you’ll fork over for the download. There are no in-app purchases, which is a refreshing change of pace for a market practically swamped with pay-to-win offerings.

Some users are reporting that it’s a bit demanding on the hardware side of things, so you might need a moderately robust device to make the most of this retro offering. Click the button below to start bashing your way through the ancient world, then let us know what your experience is like in the comments!

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