You can now find love – or at least try to get into someone’s pants – on your desktop, thanks to Tinder Online.

Tinder announced today a web version of its wildly popular match-making service. What started as an iOS-only app in 2012, opened to Android users in 2013, and four years later the app hit the web with its core functionality intact, minus the iconic “swipe right” gesture that spawned so many imitators. Alas, click and drag right will have to do.

So, what prompted mobile-native Tinder to launch a web version? The reason is quite simple: Tinder wants even more users, and to do so, it’s looking at some niches it ignored so far, including people who don’t have access to their smartphones (think students, office monkeys) and users in developing countries that lack the storage space or data subscriptions required to run the mobile versions.

For now, Tinder Online lacks some of the features of the mobile versions – including paid features like Tinder Boost and Super Like. You still get the basics though, and it’s likely that power users will prefer the web version because it makes it much easier to have a conversation.

You will still need to log in with Facebook, but Tinder pinky-swears it won’t collect any browsing data other than your location.

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Tinder Online is launching today in eight test countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden. The other 188 regions should follow soon.