Because using Tinder on your smartphone simply wasn’t addictive enough, the developer has gone ahead and made it compatible with Google’s new Android Wear platform. Users can now use tinder straight from their smartwatch, without the need to even pull out their phones from their pockets.

For those who are not in the loop about Tinder, it is a dating app that allows you to easily connect with men or women of your preference. The app presents you with what seems like an unending stream of images.

You can “like” or “not like” a person, or go into their profile if you wish to learn more. If two people happen to like each other, a connection is made and you can chat away! It’s that simple and can become quite addicting.


The Android Wear feature supports images and parts of the users’ profiles. You can also get notifications for your Tinder matches. Then it will be as easy as always to continue the conversation from your smartphone.

Those who want to try the new Android Wear-compatible Tinder app can go ahead and download it from the Google Play Store. After you download or update the app, you can simply give your Android Wear device the command “OK, Google: start Tinder”, and you can Tinder away.

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