Tile announced several major Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip makers will integrate Tile’s item-finding technology into their Bluetooth chips. That means you could find laptops, wearables, and cameras with Tile.

Tile specifically announced partnerships with Qualcomm, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, and Toshiba. These partnerships will eventually allow product makers to enable products with Tile technology through BLE chips and offer “Find with Tile” location-tracking features.

To that end, Tile also announced partnerships with Sennheiser, Sol Republic, Plantronics, and Anker. All four companies will release Tile-enabled products in the coming months.

This is great news for Tile, if not an inevitable outcome. Even though Tile sells physical trackers and a suite of software features, the company can significantly expand its reach with the aforementioned partnerships.

The partnerships will also help Tile’s bottom line since the company is basically licensing its reference design. Either way, expect a slew of products to feature Tile’s branding and technology in the coming months and years.

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