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The end is in sight for The Walking Dead TV series. AMC has announced that the popular zombie apocalypse drama will end its run with its upcoming 11th season. But when does The Walking Dead Season 11 start? When does Season 11 of the show end? Also, is that really going to be the finale of this story?

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That’s what we are going to talk about right now in this look at Season 11 of The Walking Dead. You can watch new episodes drop when the series begins again on the AMC Premiere streaming service.

When will The Walking Dead Season 11 start?

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is expected to start shooting in mid-2021, with the first episodes airing on AMC and AMC Premiere sometime in fall 2021. 

When will the 11th season end?

AMC has announced that Season 11 of the show will have a total of 24 episodes (most seasons just have 16 episodes), which means the end of season 11 will happen sometime in late 2022.

Is the 11th season going to be the final season?

Yes, AMC has also confirmed that The Walking Dead will end its run with the last episode of its 11th season. 

Wait! Is the 10th season of The Walking Dead still going to be completed?

Yes! The production of season 10 had completed filming in late 2019. However, what was to be the 16th and final episode of that season was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was determined that the amount of post-production visual effect needed for that episode was too much at the time to handle during the outbreak.

However, AMC has recently announced that the 16th episode has been completed. It will be shown on the cable network on October 4 (or earlier for AMC Premiere subscribers). The network has even ordered six more episodes for season 10, which will be filmed in early 2021 and shown later that year. That means fans of the show still have (as of this writing) 31 more episodes of The Walking Dead to look forward to watching before it all ends in a couple of years.

Is the 11th season really going to be the end of The Walking Dead story?

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Not quite. The show may be ending, but AMC has announced that at least two of its most popular characters will continue in their own spin-off series. The currently untitled show will star Norman Reedus as the crossbow-wielding zombie killer Daryl Dixon, and Melissa McBride as the deceptively strong and ruthless Carol Peletier. The series will begin shooting in early 2023. There are no details yet on the exact premise of this spin-off, nor if any other Walking Dead cast members will join up.

What about all the other Walking Dead spin-offs?

AMC has a ton of Walking Dead series coming up. Season 6 of the first spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead, premieres on the network October 11. The second spin-off series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, finally premieres on October 4. It already has a commitment to two 10 episode seasons.

In addition, AMC has announced plans for an anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead. Each episode will take a new look at the zombie universe, via both new and older Walking Dead characters. Finally, the cable network is working with Universal Pictures on a trilogy of Walking Dead feature films. Those movies will star original Walking Dead lead actor Andrew Lincoln, returning to play the pistol-packing ex-Georgia sheriff Rick Grimes.

Where can I watch past seasons of the shows?

You can watch the first nine seasons of The Walking Dead on Netflix:

Also, the first five seasons of Fear The Walking Dead can be streamed via Hulu:

Finally, you can stream and watch older episodes from both shows for free on the Stories by AMC channel on Pluto TV:

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