Quite a departure from Angry Birds and its spin-offs, Rovio and DreamWorks have teamed up to bring you The Croods, which is available now via Google Play.

Instead of flinging birds across the gamestage, the game is all about hunting and gathering while finding unique creatures along the way. While the ‘creatures’ are somewhat inspired by primitive-era mammals, they certainly have a dose of fantasy added in thanks to wacky looks and crazy names like “molarbear” and “girelephant”. In total, there are 10 creatures for you to trap and tame.

Outside of trapping, hunting and gathering, you will also find yourself doing a bit of inventing as well. Still not enough to keep you entertained? Rovio also throws in the ability to customize both your homes and characters through special accessories.

Although this isn’t your typical Rovio title, and is actually a movie tie-in game, it certainly still looks to have the same Rovio charm we’ve all come to know and love. That said, Google Play user reviews seem to be pretty mixed, so it might not be for everyone.

If you are interested in giving The Croods a try, you can get it now for Google Play. The game is free, though there are in-app purchases for items like coins that help expand the gameplay and your customization options.

What do you think, another gem from Rovio, or not even in the same league as titles like Angry Birds?

Andrew Grush
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