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Canadian mobile providers can usually guarantee you a few things no matter where you go. Nationwide service, a solid set of devices, and painfully high prices are all but guaranteed. Sometimes you need to find a little bit of Peace of Mind, however, and that’s when you turn to Telus as your next carrier. If you’re ready to make the switch, then stay right here. We have everything you need to know about Telus and its plans.

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Throughout the course of this page, we’ll take you through all of the plans, phones, and perks you need to know about before you switch. It might help to learn a bit about the competition and MVNOs, too, before you lock into a new plan. We’ll touch on some competitors and hopefully help you make a decision.

Telus at a glance

While many premier Canadian mobile providers call the eastern provinces home, Telus reps the west coast. You’ll find its headquarters in Vancouver. However, its long and storied history began in 1983 in Edmonton, Alberta, as AGT Mobility. Although that makes it the first official mobile provider in all of Canada, Telus didn’t bring its services to the public until 1986, by which time Bell had beaten it to the punch. Now, Bell and Telus share a network to some degree, each offering nationwide service for LTE and HSPA+.

The Telus network has since grown to cover nearly all of Alberta and about half of Saskatchewan. You can find its coverage throughout much of southern Canada. Additionally, Telus now offers pockets of 5G coverage in major cities across the country. Check out the interactive map right here.

Post-paid Telus plans

 Peace of MindPeace of Mind Connect
CostCA$80CA$85 to CA$125
Talk and TextUnlimitedUnlimited
DataUnlimited with 30GB of high-speed dataUnlimited with 35GB to 50GB for connected devices
InternationalEasy Roam in 190 countries
International talk and text add-ons available
Easy Roam in 190 countries
International talk and text add-ons available
ExtrasSave $5 to $15 with a family discountSave $5 to $15 with a family discount

Peace of Mind

If you’re only looking to hook up one device, then Peace of Mind is the way to go. Right now, the plan offers 30GB of high-speed data for CA$80 per month. After that, you’ll have access to limitless data, but not at the same fast speeds. You won’t be able to share your data with family and friends, but you can set up a wireless hotspot for those times you really need it. The Peace of Mind plan also includes unlimited talk and text to keep you connected.

Peace of Mind is more than just a plan name when it comes to Telus. The reason behind the name — and why you can’t share data — is so you never have to worry about overages or hidden fees. You can use your phone plan and enjoy your data, and it’s easy enough to add more Gigs as needed. Telus will even give you between CA$5 and CA$15 off per month in a family discount.


  • 15GB of personal data for CA$80 per month
  • No overages, no hidden fees

Best for:

  • Users who need a large amount of data and don’t want to share

Peace of Mind Connect

The single-line Peace of Mind plan is great, but many people have connected tablets and wearables on modern plans. That’s where Peace of Mind Connect comes in. You’ll still have one main phone line, but you can share your pool of high-speed data between all of your personal devices. The deal is even better right now, too, because the 10GB plan includes an extra 10GB of data for a limited time.

If you want to make that bonus 10GB permanent, you may want to look at the 25GB or 50GB Peace of Mind Connect plans. They boost your overall data cap but cost just CA$85 and CA$125, respectively. You can once again take advantage of the family discount, which will save you between CA$5 and CA$15 per month.


  • Share up to 50GB of high-speed data with your connected devices
  • Get 10GB of bonus data on the base plan

Best for:

  • Users with connected devices who need a lot of data

Prepaid Telus Plans

 Talk and Text PlanTalk, Text, and Data Plan
CostCA$10 to CA$40 monthly
CA$100 for one year
CA$45 to CA$65
Talk and Text50 minutes and 50 texts
Up to unlimited talk and text
DataNone included
Up to 1.5GB of bonus data
1GB to 3GB
Up to 4GB of bonus data
InternationalLong Distance Saver for reduced international ratesLong Distance Saver for reduced international rates
ExtrasVoice and data add-ons availableVoice and data add-ons available

Talk and Text

Telus offers some very affordable prepaid Talk and Text plans if you’re looking to save some money. However, you’ll have to be very careful with your usage. The basic CA$10 per month plan grants you just 50 minutes of local calling and 50 text messages—everything you use beyond that basic bundle costs extra on a per-minute basis.

As you work to more expensive plans, you’ll get more access. CA$25 per month offers 100 anytime minutes as well as unlimited calling on the weekends. If you jump to CA$40 per month, you can make the most of unlimited talk and text and 1.5GB of free data with a Top Up plan.


  • Talk and text at a low rate
  • Free data with a Top Up plan

Talk, Text, and Data

Telus also offers a Talk, Text, and Data version of its prepaid service just in case you already know you need data. You can choose from two tiers of service, and you’ll get either 1GB or 3GB of baked-in data. For a limited time, the 1GB plan comes with a bonus of 3.5GB, and the 3GB plan comes with a bonus of 4GB. You’re still paying just CA$45 or CA$65 per month, so the value is tough to top.

As for talk and text, you won’t have to worry about either one. Both are unlimited, and you can dial nationwide with no additional fees. You have to pay extra for preferred international rates, but you may not use that feature very often anyway.


  • Up to 4GB of bonus data

Tablet and connected device plans

Apple iPad 2020 in repose

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We’ve already mentioned it briefly, but the Peace of Mind Connect plan is all you need to get your tablet up and running. It already includes unlimited data with a pool of high-speed access. You have to connect your device of choice. Simply add a brand-new iPad or Galaxy Tab to your current plan and stream or create to your heart’s content. The process is essentially the same for smartwatches, as Telus views them all as connected devices.

Right now, Telus will also give you a free year of Apple TV+ when you buy a new iPad from the network.

Which Telus plan is right for you?

The most important question that you’re probably asking yourself is which plan is the right one. Well, it’s also the one question that we can’t really answer. Your Telus experience really comes down to your personal usage. It’s up to you to decide between post-paid and prepaid service. We lean towards the Peace of Mind Connect plan on the post-paid side. If you have more than one device or you want to share data with your family, you can get all of the access you need for as little as CA$85 per month.

If you’d rather go prepaid, the Talk, Text, and Data plans offer some serious value. Right now, the bonus data is a major selling point. For CA$5 more than the basic Talk and Text plan, you get more than triple the data, and you don’t even need a Top Up. If either prepaid or post-paid service does not convince you, the next few sections might help you narrow things down.

Telus vs the competition

If Telus hasn’t won you over at this point, you might want to take a look at some top competition. Telus is firmly planted as one of Canada’s Big Three, so it makes sense to consider the other two. In this case, that means Rogers and Bell are under the microscope. Check out the table below before you jump into either carrier:

 Bell MobilityRogers WirelessTelus Mobility
CostUnlimited starts at CA$75 per month
Up to CA$125 per month
Unlimited starts at CA$75 per month
Up to CA$175 per month
Peace of Mind for CA$75 per month
Peace of Mind Connect for up to CA$125 per month
Talk and TextUnlimited Canada-wideUnlimited Canada-wideUnlimited Canada-wide
DataUnlimited, up to 50GB at max speedsUnlimited, up to 100GB at max speeds20GB with Peace of Mind
Up to 50GB with Peace of Mind Connect
InternationalAdd US access with per-month feesAdd-ons availableTravel and international add-ons available
ExtrasAccess to Canada's fastest 5G networkGet a free tablet for 24 months
Access to Canada's largest 5G network
Save up to CA$15 per line, per month

Rogers Wireless

Up first for the big guns is Rogers Wireless. You’ll get a great level of nationwide service, and Rogers adds a few extra goodies to the mix. You can tap into Canada’s largest 5G network, and you can even enjoy a free tablet with a two-year plan. Even better, Rogers Infinite is a worthy alternative to the Telus Simple Share plan. You can save an extra CA$15 per line every time you add a device.

Bell Mobility

If you want the pick of the litter when it comes to plans, go for Bell. You can grab multiple tiers of Unlimited Share service and pull from an impressive pile of data. There are even promotional plans on top of that. Depending on what you choose, you’ll either get unlimited access to Canada’s fastest 5G network, or you’ll get a nice pool of data to share between your accounts. Bell also offers a long list of connected device plans so you can connect your whole house to the internet.

Want Telus service on a budget?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Canada’s Big Three is cost. No matter which one you choose, it’ll ultimately cost you a pretty penny. If you’re not made of money — and none of us really are — then you might want to consider an MVNO. Luckily, the MVNO scene has exploded in Canada in recent years. There are actually some solid carriers to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites:

 Koodo MobilePublic MobileWundle Mobile
CostTab plans from CA$35 to CA$75CA$15 to CA$50CA$70
Talk and TextUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
DataUp to 10GB Shock-free data8.5GB at 3G speeds with Autopay20GB of 5G access plus unlimited 3G
InternationalEasy Roam availableUnlimited international texting15 days of roaming per month
ExtrasUse the Tab to buy a new phone
Random Acts of Happiness
Loyalty and referral discountsNo contract
No fees
No surprises

Koodo Mobile

If you want to stay as close to Telus as possible, Koodo is your number one option. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the larger carrier, and it’s all-in on the Choose Happy mantra. From various affordable plans to the ability to pay into a Tab for your next advice, Koodo is a perfect example of a millennial-focused carrier. You’ll get some great customer service, and Koodo relies on the same powerful LTE network as Bell and Telus for your everyday signal. Koodo also gives you handy reminders when you get close to your data cap, or Shock-free data as the carrier calls it.


  • Pay into the Tab for your next phone
  • Shock-free data to keep your bill in check

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Public Mobile

Public Mobile is also part of the extended Telus umbrella, but it’s all about bringing power to the people. You can choose from several great plans, some for as little as CA$15 per month. Public Mobile also offers various discounts, all of which reward you for just being a good customer. You can save for referring a friend, staying loyal to the network, and even CA$20 off for helping out other users. Although it all sounds pretty great, you’re not going to find lightning-fast service on Public Mobile. Your data connection is limited to just 3G speeds, and the caps are comparatively low.


  • Referral and loyalty discounts
  • Low prices but lower data speeds

Wundle Mobile

If you’re a fan of Verizon’s Visible network, then Wundle Mobile might be the carrier for you. It follows the same general idea of only offering one plan, though it’s far from the most affordable option around. Wundle’s plan is actually the most expensive of the MVNO options at CA$70 per month. On the bright side, you get unlimited talk, text, and data for your money, and that includes 5G speeds. You can roam for up to 15 days per month, and Wundle matches standard rates for long-distance dialing.

Just know that you won’t be able to purchase a new phone directly from Wundle.


  • One plan, one price
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data

What phones can you use?

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G on plate

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

As one of Canada’s Big Three, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Telus offers a serious list of phone options. You’ll find all of the major players — Google, Apple, and Samsung — as well as options you can’t get in the United States like Huawei. Telus even offers deals on various flagships, but you’ll find the steepest savings on Galaxy devices and iPhones. If you want a slightly cheaper device, you can also dig into a few select options from LG and Motorola while you’re at it.

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In truth, the best way to save some money is by bringing your own phone. Telus welcomes new converts to the network, but you’ll have to make sure that your phone covers the right bands. You’ll even get the three-size SIM card you need to activate your phone completely for free. The network primarily relies on LTE for service, though we’ve included the UMTS bands as well. Check out the table below for more information:

FrequencyBandNetwork Supported