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New iPhone SE is great unless you’re the competition, and more

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily newsletter, for Thursday, April 16.

1. iPhone SE 2020 launch: Wait, a flagship killer, from Apple?

Apple’s new small phone is out, the iPhone SE 2nd generation of iPhone SE 2020, featuring the latest Apple chipset in an iPhone 8 body, and a size up from the previous generation:


More money, more problems:

Overall – stay tuned:

More: iPhone SE: The right phone at the right time, and that’s bad news for the competition (Android Authority).

2. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is keeping the non-Apple tablet dream alive. No official pricing yet, but a leak suggested $350 (Android Authority).

3. Motorola Edge leaks again: A more affordable Edge with 64MP camera can’t be far away (Android Authority).

6. Huh, even Google is slowing its hiring for rest of 2020 (Reuters).

7. Profile of Lee Holloway, Cloudflare’s third founder, considered a genius, who suffered a neurodegenerative disease: What happened to Lee? (long read) (Wired).

8. Where did all the antimatter go? Scientists are closer to finding out (Gizmodo).

9. Can a wearable detect COVID-19 before symptoms appear? Stanford researchers are finding out (Wired).

10. Two new solar cells break records, including highest efficiency ever (47.1%) (New Atlas).

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