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Take full control of your phone's processor with CPU Editor mod from XDA member smokin1337!


Published onJune 25, 2012

While most of you might enjoy rooting your Android devices to take the occasional custom ROM for a spin, I know that there are many users out there who only do that to take control of their phones’ processor and cores.

Overclocking and underclocking your CPU can do wonders for performance or battery life, but before you can perform those actions you need an app that lets you “interact” with your CPU easily and safely. It’s not an easy task to find such an app these days, especially if you don’t like to pay for content, but thankfully there are independent developers out there that think about helping users first.

One such skillful dev, going by the name of smoking1337 over on XDA-Developers’ forum, put a very interesting mod up for download a couple of months back, called simply “CPU Editor”. But if the app is available for such a long time, you might wonder why I am mentioning about it only now.

Well, it’s simple. The mod has come a long way from its original “release” and now offers support for almost every Android-based device around from any manufacturer, powered by single, dual or quad-core processors.

However, if you own a quad-core device and you think of taking the app for a spin, you should be extra careful, as the app’s developer hasn’t yet thoroughly tested CPU Editor on such powerful gadgets. In fact, you should contact smoking1337 if you’re the lucky owner of a quad-core device and you’re willing to help him out with some testing.

Aside from not being fully tested on quad-core devices, CPU Editor is reported as working like a charm by most users who’ve tried it out. The app’s set of features and functions is quite generous and includes, among others, the possibility to change CPU min/max frequencies, the setting of CPU cores independently, and the forcing of a proc’s second core to be online all the time.

If any of those functions sounds like something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to go over to the XDA-Developers forum thread and follow smoking1337’s installation instructions! Remember to only try the app on rooted devices, browse through the thread’s comments to find out about any possible bugs or glitches, and handle with maximum care, so as not to damage your phone too much in the process of making it more “accessible” to your needs! Have fun and please get back to us with a comment telling us your opinions on CPU Editor!